Royal Arch Tracing Board


Tracing Board of the Royal Arch of Freemasonry
Left: Summer Solstice Sun in Cancer near the Pleiades,
also notice the single X cross on the stone at the bottom! 
Right: Royal Arch with and 8 pointed cross depicted underneath the keystone!

The tracing board of the Royal Arch Mason , secret to the timeline of the new sun.

In the Tracing Board,  we see the two pillars with the zodiac signs on the arch. From left to right the signs progress from Aries to Virgo with Cancer as the central sign. The stone with the sign of cancer is called the keystone of the arch and corresponds with sign of the summer solstice in the tropical zodiac.

 Below the keystone we see the 7 stars that represent the Pleiades. The arch expresses the importance of the summer solstice near the Pleiades!

On the left we see the Sun while on the right the crescent moon is depicted inside the Sun! The crescent moon stands for an eclipse. However in this case the Moon-Sun eclipse stands for a conjunction, in this case the conjunction of the Sun on the summer solstice! Both Suns appear over the pillars. The pillars represent the Milky Way and the intended conjunction of the summer solstice Sun is therefore the conjunction with the Milky Way!

The shield under the keystone is giving away another very important clue; it contains the signs of the zodiac, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio (Eagle) and Leo, the signs of the Galactic Cross.

While the arch in the Tracing Board represents the Earth Cross, the shield under the arch represents the Galactic Cross! Notice that the same signs are used in this Tracing Board for the Earth Cross and Galactic Cross which has a timeline of Summer Solstice of June 21, 2012, the great celestial conjunction..the birth of the new