Transit Pluto in Capricorn in 2nd House

Saggittarius: Pluto transits the 2nd House


Dear Sag, in 2008, Pluto entered your sector of earned income, personal resources, value systems and self-esteem and has been workingrelentlessly on those Sagittarians who were born in the first 7 degrees of Sag,and will continue to work on those Sag sun signs that are between 1-10 degrees throughout 2012.Pluto will continue on his journey through this area of his chart until 2024 to encourage a positive relationship between your self-esteem and ability to prosper. By now you may be singing, “I want money, lots and lots of money, I want the pie in the skyyyyy…” Whoa friends! Pluto’s transit of this house can lead you to obsess over money and material gain. In his sorted way, he may lead you to obsess over money or wealth just to show you where you can go wrong in this area. For example, it may seem like you are not in the right career field at the moment, or somehow what you have is just not enough. You may think to yourself, “if I just had just a little more, then my family would
be more comfortable…”

So you begin to search for something better, and slowly begin to focus more and more of your time in dedication to improving your income or net worth. Without realizing it, you begin to be unhappy with al that you have. Sure you have moments when you are grateful for the things that you own, after all you are a Sag! But somehow Pluto whispers the need to achieve more into your ear every night, and pretty soon that is all you begin to care about without realizing it. But that is only one scenario of how Pluto in the 2nd house could play out, and it is a very mundane point of view.

Pluto is going to dig deeper into this area then you can imagine, so while he evaluates every facet of your personal worth what he really wants to know is the answers to questions like: Do you base all of your self-worth on your monetary 
gain, and compare it to what others have? What are you willing to sacrifice to get ahead and keep your public image? Pluto is going to ask hard questions of you concerning these areas. He demands to know how you handle your possessions, your earned income in particular and other people’s money as well. He also wants 
to transform the way that you feel about yourself in relation to these material assets.

Pluto doesn’t just say, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…” and randomly pick a house in which to set up construction, or to tear down for no reason. No, 
my friends, God has order in the universe. All nine planets are always transiting our natal chart, but it is no mere coincidence to the timing and area 
of each planets transit. We are part of a universal balance system. The universe is so intricately designed that it all flows together like a giant machine; 
constantly changing, expanding and is set up so that when areas of the universe become imbalanced on any and all levels, even in our lives here on Earth, a different mechanism of energy rushes in to restore balance. In our locality as physical beings, we see the universal energies in direct contact with our lives 
in the reflection of the cosmos.

As our view of the planets allows us to denote change in the future, we can also peer back and see what brought us to the 
present. Pluto’s present position brings tremendous weight to your 2nd house in Capricorn, because he is trying to restore balance here in this area of your personal life, as well as in the Sagittarian energy worldwide. To find the area of imbalance here in your chart, we look into Pluto’s mirror across the zodiac into the opposite sign of Cancer which is the eighth house for Sagittarians. This area has become so heavy, that it is holding you down and preventing you from moving forward. Issues involving great change in shared property and income, divorce, intimate sexual problems such as unfaithfulness, jealousy and trust issues, death and taxes are running rampant in your life. We find obsessive behaviors here as well and they are all contributing factors in how you have established your self-esteem, flow of income, and spending 

The sign of Cancer is representational of families, deep seated emotion and plays a part in our well-being and work ethic to an extent. While 
the sign of Cancer is also Capricorn‘s partner, perhaps you are still struggling to recover from one of these eighth house subjects that involve or involved a 
partnership or someone with a familial tie. What does all of this mean, you say? I am saying that all of these issues that you have harbored as represented here in the 8th house has caused or will cause over time, a serious problem with Pluto in opposition to this house, especially if you have a personal planet here as well. Whether or not you are consciously aware of these issues right now, you will be as Pluto nears the same degree as your sun, or ‘touches’a sensitive area in your natal chart.

While I cannot see your natal planets as I write this, I could describe to you a million scenarios in which the way you handle your core values and possessions affect or are affected by your obsessions, but that would take up more room than we have here. At least I have pointed you in the right direction, and I am pretty sure you know the scenario that I am pointing to. However, because we are discussing psychological patterns that may take time to realize, I would be ecstatic if you would just take some advice from me for this area.

Here are some ways to help Pluto forward to restore balance to the 2nd and 8th house areas of your life:
Make sure that your method of gaining income reflects your core 
values and inner purpose. 
Do not gloat over the amount of income or possessions that you have, therefore placing your self- worth on your material value.
If you have no income, keep grounded as you continuously seek to improve your income status. Remember, the world DOES NOT owe you a living! 
Do not ignore the IRS. If you owe them money, call them immediately to work on a payment system.
Do not stop trying to transform your self-esteem and income as a complete stop will just allow further liquidation of all your bank account and 
resources. Stay aware of any obsessive behaviors, realize that you are in a universal process, and keep showing the universe that you are learning as you
are going…this is the way to transformation!
Take care of your health, as Pluto’s obsession can lead us to burn the candle at both ends here for the purpose of improving our bank account balance.

If it seems that every avenue of income that you have is being taken from you or if money or assets are continually being spent, it is time to 
rethink your spending habits. It may be that you spend this time paying off debts to the IRS, child support, alimony or other outstanding bills that are 
long overdue. Keep a close eye on your joint resources such as property or business dealings to ensure that you simply aren’t throwing money away. Watch
out for anyone that has control over your money or assets, and if they seem a little shady, investigate further. If you are young enough, your parents might have some leverage in your life that pertains to financial assistance. It is time to take initiative in learning the best way to stand on your own two feet.

If your marriage partner is handling your finances, it wouldn’t hurt to show a responsible interest. After all those with nothing to hide, hide 
Make sure that your sexual preferences and partners are of good moral value during this time. 
Seek therapy for any deep psychological wounds pertaining to death, divorce and sexual abuse. This is a great time to heal from the inside out.

 Dear Sagittarians, it may sound as if I believe that you are going to squander all of your assets or become materialistic and selfish world citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is only that I want to remind you of the work you have to do along this narrow path because I know how you guys like to stop off for a drink and 
dream, but Pluto is one tough customer. I know that you can come through this process with flying colors, while at the same time, you may hone a few of your 
personal skills to better help others in the process! Your hearts are nearly as big as your ruling planet, Jupiter, which is the planet of abundance, prosperity and expansion.

If anyone can go through a transformational process pertaining to material assets and yet stay grounded to the plights of others, it is certainly you! In fact, Pluto combined with Jupiter is a recipe for great material wealth and I know that you Sag’s combined have the ability to use wealth to positively affect our world at large!


2 thoughts on “Transit Pluto in Capricorn in 2nd House

  1. Spot on. 2008 until 2016… Pluto broke it…all the way.. down. 2017 starting to easy up.. getting better..but it was first after I could stand tall and say out loud “I was dead broke, had to walk 16 km pregnant with my first child to get to my practical moments in the hospital to get my degree…family a no show, friends left, because I had “nothing” to offer…my grandmother died the only one I ever trusted, but I, Me, never changed, I always was kind, Pluto made me cry, took away everything that I thought was “the good in life” but replaced it, I got it better. I would never have gotten to where I am now if the pain didn’t happen.” I’m still not where I should be..I can feel it in my 2024..maybe I am.

    • Kindly send me your Day, Month, Year and time of Birth. I will analyze the transit of the planets using Western and Chinese Astrology Chart including Numerology so that you may understand your life lessons as the influence of the planets in your life.

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