Pathway to the degree of Worshipful Master

1560401_10152153454110619_800282000_nPathway to  the degree of Worshipful Master
(speech delivered during the Pagkakaisa Lodge no. 282 .. 27th Public Installation Ceremonies..Jan 11, 2014)

Before I start with my inaugural address, I would like to chant the Great Invocation from the Lucis Trust of Master Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul, wherein I am presently a student of the Arcane School, New York.

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of human beings.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of human beings.
May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of human beings –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

VW Elson T. Tayko, DDGM Masonic District NCRG and our Guest of Honor and Speaker , VW Gre Cayabyab, VW Alan Tan, VW Amando Melo, Jr., WB Se-rme Ayuyao, our Grand Lodge Inspector, Very Worshipful Sirs, Worshipful sirs, Brethren, Friends of Mason, good evening.

First, I would like to acknowledge the presence of the past masters of pagkakaisa no 282.. VW….. Who have taken their time to witness this very memorable moment in my career as a mason..the past masters who moulded me to become good and upright mason, who taught me the principle in determining the light from the dark, to evaluate what is right and what is wrong, the meaning of faith, hope and charity..those qualities that made this lodge and its brethren outstanding and a role model for well managed masonic fraternity group. The past masters dedication and wholehearted support to its elected leadership, which likewise made this lodge attained a leapt on its membership in a short period. Membership now totaled more than 147 masons.

Of course, I would like to thank the installing officer my idol in the appendant bodies, the Grand High Priest of the York Rite , Most Eminent , sir knight and companion, Very Worshipful Danilo c. Datu. Sr of King Solomon Lodge no. 150.., a 33 degree igh of the manila bodies, ancient and accepted scottish rite of freemasonry, past sovereign master of the allied masonic degrees, 9th grade rosicrucian, knight templar commander, illustrious grand master of the grand york rite of freemasonry. Thank you, kuya danny..alam nyo po marami kaming mga lakaran, mga pinagsamahan .. na mga activities mula sa mga higher bodies degree conferral, funeral rites of departed scottish rite and york rite batangas, cavite, laguna, hanggang sa laoag, ilocos norte nakakaabot po kami.. a very enjoyable masonic journey.

I would like also acknowledge the presence of the higher bodies group..enumerate..thanks for coming.

I would like to thank the master of ceremony vw herbert p quimpo, I’ve been a follower of his mystical path on higher consciousness, eastern mysticsm, and mysteries, a practising mystical healer following the teaching of the ancient ascended master of the east. His power of the mind is unfathomable. Only the enlightened minds can understand the meaning of his esoteric principles and practices. A very vocal and no holds bar comment is always controversial.. a true mars warrior born on the aries month and tiger year. Thank you kuyang bert quimpo.

Next, I would like to thank the asst master of ceremony, vw Michael v casipit, past master of pagkakaisa yr 2002, past district deputy grand lecturer, past venerable master of manila bodies, A&SR, 33 degree igh, retired military officer.


It was 11 years ago the year 2002, .when I noticed and caught my attention the masonic logo square and compass on the sign pagkakaisa lodge no. 282 above the door of the garage gate at Aguilar Ave. During that time, I don’t have any idea about masonry, then being a eucharistic lay minister serving at St james the great parish in Ayala Alabang village.. I’ve been a devout catholic and been involved in the eucharistic ministry since 1994 and a member of various christian renewal movements such the encounters group, couples for christ, retreats, and other church based activities, etc.

I knocked at the door of Pagkakaisa.. actually..I rung the doorbell and the door was opened not by a deacon ..but .by a uniformed maid.. and was asked not by the word “ who comes here”..but ano po kailangan nyo..And my answer was.. pwede bang manghiram ng libro / pwedeng magbasa ng mga books about freemasonry..dahil ang inaakala ko na ang lodge ay isang library or a school of esoteric sciences.. Hindi ako pinapasok pero pinaghintay ako sa gate dahil tatanungin daw ang amo nya..same as in the preparation room to wait a time in patience. It seemed that I gone through the ancient mystery school in Egypt wherein the neophyte will wait for days/months before the door is opened.

I owe my esoteric progress and learning to MW Bert Pagotan, who did opened the door of the temple of studies. I remembered that it took him 4 hours to explain and to answer my questions about freemasonry. He spent the whole afternoon in the garden and tirelessly explained to me my query of what is masonry. That masonry is a fraternity of good men who wants to become better person. That masonry is a charitable institution that expect no return or personal interest and motive from the self. That masonry is a brotherhood organization that aid and assist worthy brother who in distress; that it teaches man to know the nature of God, his Holy Name, and its creation. That to become a mason, one must believe that there is a supreme being who designed the universe. He also explained that to become a member, one must signify his interest in full agreement and accord. I remembered during the 1st degree initiation if its my free will agreement and accord., the first time the warden asked the deacon.. and I overheard “ is he wealthy and well qualified” ..naku tinatanong pala dito kung wealthy..kaya pala karamihan ng mason ay nagbigigay at hindi nanghihingi, …mayayaman lang pala kailangan dito..kaya pala sa mga conspiracy articles sa internet..masons control the world..I believe that masons. indeed control the world by balancing the law of duality ..the good and evil deeds.

I know that we, masons are wide readers and very observant on what is happening or what had happened in our world. Many famous masons have been part of history, we masons are free thinkers, we speak through our heart and very bold in our belief of what is right. We cannot be cowed by anyone if we think we are right. Most famous leaders and heroes are freemasons. Scientists are masons, Even in our modern society..good men are masons. There maybe some, who have not yet seen the true Light yet but time will come that their rough ashlar quality will be polished and become perfect.. maybe not in this lifetime but on the next life cycle.

To understand the life cycle, we start with the journey of the soul of man, it is from God or Monad that the soul came into being. From the morals and dogma by Ill albert pike, the soul having had its origin place of abode in heaven. It dwelt upon the stars and and planets and other heavenly bodies, and animated its desires to body or matter. Its path is descending and ascending through the Jacobs ladder as allegorically taught in the first degree lecture. The Great Truth is that Soul having one with God and of happiness journeyed toward the body as this is the Law of the Universe by way of the stars, the galaxy, and its constellations, the allegory of the labour of Hercules from aries to pisces..a thought borrowed from great thinker Macrobius.

I believe in the immortality of the soul and its continuous journey to life and death to attain perfection and become One again with God, the grand architect of the universe. This is one of the teachings inculcated in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry..that we came from Light and become One again with Light..that our life on earth is a learning process to determine the duality of nature..the life and death, the good and evil, the right or wrong, sorrow and happiness, and how to balance it.

Going back to my masonic profile, I was accepted and made a master mason in 2003 and since then became active in all lodge’s activities, conferral , and fellowship. A born seeker of different philosophies, and rituals, I indulge myself in to the research and self study of the different ancient mystery books and rituals, from the egyptian book of the dead, the legend of Osiris, isis, and horus..I am a follower of hermes tresmigestus its philosophy of as above so below; I practice alchemy but no success probably because I have to transform myself first before I can change base metal into gold..hehehe..Plato’s alchemical process of nature is a keen interest. I also studied and fascinated with the roman and greek mythology..the ritual of Demeter, hades and persefone, the elusinian mystery school, the cult of Mithras, zoroastrianism, and other eastern philosophies and religion.

It was in 2005 when I was invited to join Manila Bodies, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Ermita, Orient of Manila by VW Michael V Casipit, 33 degree Inspector General Honorary and Veneral Master of Manila Bodies, that progress on my search for ancient mystery philosophies and rituals was elevated to the another leapt to enlightenment. The 4th to 32th degree of the Scottish Rite is a philosophical studies. It teaches the nature of God and its holy name, it teaches also morality, and more particularly the meaning of the principle of duality, black white, night and day, dark or light. These are all represented by the double headed eagle..or the ancient Sumerian emblem double headed eagle of lagash..some writers say it is double headed phoenix of the ancient Egypt.

The Scottish rite is a pathway to ancient mystery studies; philosophies introduced by various masters , Thoth of ancient Egypt, Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, bacchus, zoroaster, Buddha, Manu, Confucius, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and other Tibetan masters. The ancient mystery school of the ancient Egypt, the secret of precession of the equinox, the book of the dead, Thoth’ as above so below principle of alchemy, Elusinian mystery school, sol invictus of ancient Rome, the Sumerian/Babylonian belief, the magus of the king Solomon temple,

There are also many Scottish Rite Masons in our Lodge, but because of time constraints probably, they could not attend the meetings and rituals at Scottish Rite Temple. I heard Vw Fred Espino is 32 degree KCCH red capper, VW Del Ocbina is also Manila Bodies member, Vw Jun San Mateo is red capper 32 degree kcch, WB Andy ramos wears a 32 degree ring, WB Fred Ciriaco a Scottish rite mason, thank you kuya for the sharing your book morals and dogma. .gamit na gamit ko yon..i was able to learn many things especially on the 25th degree, knight of the brazen serpent, of the Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, with more emphasis on astrological studies, and the journey of the soul from heaven to earth to heaven again via the golden and silver gates or the gates of God and Man. Astrology as you maybe thought, is not a magical thinking or satanic belief. In the 25th degree the travel of the soul and its immortality is thorouhly explained in detail. This book taught me to master the nature of man and its influences by the stars and planets..

It is in the York rite that I first learned the inefable name of the Deity, or the Supreme Being, the tetragramaton of the kaballah, the biblical allegory of the different ages of man or the cycle of the universe, the knights Templar secret of the king Solomon temple, the royal arch degree, the masons secret of unfinished temple, the virtue and practices of the knights of the temple.

True enough, masonry is a progressive moral science taught by degrees only. Aside from the many degrees of the Scottish rite and the york rite, there are still other masonic group of studies wherein I am undertaking, the Allied Masonic Degrees compose of 14 different degrees under the Cavite Council No. 509, jurisdiction of Allied Masonic Degrees of USA, 1 or 2 ritual every year is being conducted. Another is the invitational group Societas Rosicruciana Caritativos Fraternitas (SCRIF), a Rosicrucian way of studies and ritual pertaining to the alchemical process of the universe, fire, air, earth, and water. The organization is by invitation only, open to york rite masons whose interest are into transmutation of base metal into allegory for the transformation of earthly human qualities into godlike image. I was initiated in a 4th grade magus of the 9th grade magus adeptus.

Before joining Masonry, I was already a member/student of AMORC, the ancient mystical order of the Rose Croix, under the Grand Lodge of Australia., with its headquarter in san Jose, California. In this school, the student is taught thru correspondence or weekly publication of monitors for study and ritual. The mastery of life study is composed of 9 degrees for 20 years before becoming a master adept.There are studies on alchemy, meditation, concentration, rituals..and also a study on invisibility. Another mystery school which I now a member student is the The Arcane School New York, under the Lucis Trust Goodwill Society. The student is being guided based on the 24 books of Alice Bailey and Master Djwhal Khul. The main goal is to develop world servers for the service of humanity.

Masons are free thinkers and seekers. Its up to the individual mason to explore his interest in different masonic organizations. It maybe in masonic social groups, charity organization, masonic educations like the IMES, in degree conferrals and lectures, brotherhood values through fellowship and other social activities. This is where the rough ashlar category of a man can be transformed into a smooth and perfect stone from its crude manner. That’s why that I always emphasized that a petitioner is as a rough stone category that needs tedious polishing ..that we master mason should bear to teach and smoothen their rough qualities. And with sympathy and love, we can develop a good man to become better. In took Plato 20 years of initiation and study from an Ancient Egypt mystery school before he became a magus.

Freemasonry dates back from Ancient Egypt Anno Lucis 6014. It is a fraternal organization , a brotherhood of seekers whose real purpose is to learn the philosophies of the ancient mystery school. Nowaday, if you ask a petitioner, what is his purpose in joining freemasonry? Most of the answers are; connections, boss ay mason, curiousity, intrigue by the film, by the car decals, influence by popular stars and famous men.. but seldom says know more about God and its creation.

Pagkakaisa Lodge No 282 has made many masons in just a short span of time. We the officers adhere to the principle that freemasonry makes good man a better man notwithstanding their motive either just connections or just to be called Mason, a prestige. Be aware my brethren, that you are holding in your name a brotherhood of great men, philosophers, kings, dukes, and leaders. When you travel and attend other lodge meetings either here or abroad, you will always address or extend your fraternal greetings in behalf of your lodge. So Love your lodge and be proud of it
Masaya na ngayon ang pagkakaisa lodge 282..ang dami na natin 147 members na iba ibang qualities and behavior. A group of gentlemen and officers from the police and the military, government officials, businessmen and professionals, men of great minds who are all free thinkers and philosophers. Some are seasoned fraternal brothers from college, some came from alumni associations, masonic youth fraternities.. and other affiliations.

I observed the transformation in our lodge, from humble beginnings to one of the most outstanding lodges in the Philippine Juridiction, most outstanding worshipful master, most outstanding district grand lecturer, and other outstanding awards plaques, I also observed the intramurals inside the lodge, the difference in opinion and belief. But still we are guided by the tenets of freemasonry. As a newly installed Worshipful Master, I need your support and understanding my brethren of Pagkakaisa No. 282. I need your heart presence. I may not be the leader that you will expect, or the other side of it but this is my turn to manage and govern this lodge this 2014.
Having said that, I need your assistance and support.

I would like to tell you a story about this newly installed worshipful master who was given by St John the patron saint of mason a reward.
Sabi ni St john..”dahil naging mabuti kang mason , ngayong worshipful master ka na ay bibigyan kita ng isang reward..isa lamang kaya sabihin mo na kung ano gusto mo at pagbibigyan kita.” Sagot ni Worshipful Master .“Gusto ko po ng bago at magandang masonic temple, hindi katulad nito na masikip at mainit pa.
Naku Worshipful..mahal yan. mahal ang construction materials ngayon saka lote mahal din, malaki ang magagastos dyan.
Bigla nag isip si WM. Sige St. john iba na lng..Ito na lang po ang ipagkaloob nyo sa akin.. Sa susunod na stated mtg, gusto ko po huwag na magsalita ang mga past masters at tahimik na lang sila sa pakikinig ng meeting at lahat ng sasabihin ko ay wala na silang comment.
O sige WM..gusto mo ba ng 5 storey building, , gawin natin fully air conditioned, malaki fellowship area at saka maraming parking space..ano pa gusto mo sa temple na ibibigay ko..
This, my brethren is the beauty of freemasonry..the wisdom is within.
..Thank you.. and fraternal greetings!