The Cardinal Grand Cross Effect on my Birth Chart


Celestial events have been part of my search when it comes to the transit of the planets including its relations to the fixed stars. After checking and deciphering the exact locations of the cardinal planets grand cross  and the four alchemical elements fire opposite air crossing earth opposite water, here’s my account.

5th House Aries ( no planet in chart)
In my chart, cardinal fire aries is located in 5th house ruled by Leo ( the 5th house referred to as the house of pleasure, romance or romantic affairs, mistresses if it pleases ones soul, sex if for pleasue , or what make us feel good, or how we please our soul. In my case, it is THE mystery school and the thought of getting all the answers of my existence makes me feel great because natal uranus is in my 8th house of occultism. Likewise, because the sun rules the 5th house, it also relates to the pleasure of being the center of attention and power. Transiting Uranus is now occupying my 5th house). Uranus is taking his sweet time here of occultism.

11th house Libra ( Moon, Neptune, Saturn)
Cardinal Air Libra is ruled by planet Venus of harmony, beauty and balance is in 11th house of organization, friends, groups and fraternity, i would say not a perfect house for Libra which is auspiciously located in the 7th of marriage and relationship. See the chart Moon, Neptune, and Saturn, Arcturus, Spica are all in 11th house Libra.

During the Grand Cross, Transiting Mars ( the Warrior ruled by Aries or those people born in the sign Aries) is attacking the harmonious, balance and beautiful 11th house of my chart with its powerful planets just watching the encroachment. Moon in my chart was the first attacked being its location in 14 degree Libra (the grand cross is 13 degrees). Great emotions took its toll on my being, Moon can not do anything in Libra, for it is not her house to fight, she just shed her tears and take cover from the clouds. The attacked by Mars is malicious, without basis, and life threatening to the extent of expulsion from the craft. Mars wrecked havouc on the house created heavy damage and destroying its character in the organization and friends. Moon is still recuperating emotionally.

2nd House Capricorn ( presently occupied by transiting Pluto till 2023)

Cardinal Earth Capricorn is in the cusp of 2nd House which concerns about material possession, wealth, how to make money, sensuality as this house is ruled by Venus (Taurus). When planet Pluto transited in this house in 2008, a sudden transformation in my wealth and resources was changed from high to low. If not for energy of the sagittarius ascendant born and the power of the life path no. 5, probably i traveled to a place where earthly being return. However, Pluto or Hades, the God of the underworld is not that merciless. After you learned the lesson of life, one is given another chance to lead a new beginning and have regain the lost glory.

In my second house, Pluto is in opposition of my natal Uranus in the 8th House of death, sex, other people’s money, inheritance, and occultism. The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio with its planet Pluto.

8th House Cancer with natal Uranus and presently occupied by transiting Jupiter.

Cardinal Water Cancer is in 8th House Cusp of my birth chart. The house ruled by Scorpio with pluto as the ruling planet.


Planet Jupiter will be staying in Cancer until July 25, 2014 after the opposition with pluto in 13 degrees on April 21, 2014. The benefic planet is exalted in Cancer giving good opportunity in my 2nd house of money and 8th house of occultism.