The Interlaced Square and Compasses: The secret within the secret

“Bro, baka ma-unmasonic conduct ka dyan sa lecture mo!”.

“Ha! bakit” sagot ko. ” Inalam ko lang naman kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng interlaced square and compass. Kung ano tunay na meaning nito dahil wala naman nagturo. Saka sabi ko” Diba ang mga mason ay ‘free thinkers’ carrying the highest level of enlightenment that look up things in many ways – for example the duality principle, day-night, good-bad, can not exist without the other like the double headed eagle of the Scottish Rite.”




square and compasses ¨The interlaced Square and Compass has been recognized and accepted as the Masonic Emblem from the begininng of the 18th Century.  The United States Patent Office took note of this in 1873. At that time, there was no letter “G” yet at the center of the interlaced Square and Compass. ¨It was about 1800 that some unknown author added the Letter “G”. To many American masons, the masonic emblem is not complete without this letter at the center. However, in other countries, besides in other languages “God” does not start with letter “G” neither does Geometry. ¨Nonetheless, insofar as Philippine Masonry is concerned, the letter “G” in the middle is an essential part of the Masonic Emblem.

The Square square The Square is a working tool of a mason in constructing churches and  cathedrals during the middle ages.  In Freemasonry, it symbolizes  morality;  symbol of righteousness. It keeps us in touch with God.  To square our actions. compasses

The Compasses

In masonry, Compasses symbolizes Spirituality. To circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds.


The use of Compasses during the middle ages

sc images


Uses of square


square uses

To get the perfect square, follow the 47th problem of Euclid or the theorem by Phytagoras, the 3:4:5 rule

Operative Masons


operative masons



However, Masonic authors boldly state that the symbolism of the traditional square and compass of Freemasonry represents sex act.

¨Albert Pike explaining  “The Compass, is the Hermetic Symbol of the Creative Deity, and the Square of the productive Earth or Universe.” [Morals and Dogma , p. 850-1].” Therefore, the Masons look at the compass as the male phallus and the square as the female vulva. The SQUARE, therefore, is a natural and appropriate Symbol of this Earth and the things that belong to it, are of it, or concern it. The Compass is an equally natural and appropriate Symbol of the Heavens, and of all celestial things and celestial natures.

The COMPASS, therefore, as the Symbol of the Heavens, represents the spiritual, intellectual, and moral portion of this double nature of Humanity; and the SQUARE, as the Symbol of the Earth, its material, sensual, and baser portion.”

¨Mackey also wrote about this in his “Symbolism of Freemasonry”. Both Mackey and Pike note that the Hindus represent the solar male principle in nature by the phallus, while the earth female principle is represented by the yoni. The union between these opposing natural forces are exemplified in the symbol of Shiva copulating with Shakti, found in statues in many Hindu Temples.

¨It was the belief of both Pike and Mackey that the square and compass alluded to the same meaning. The sexual act has always been treated as a sacred mystery for this reason. Not only does it reflect the balance of Nature, but it produces new life, which is the Greater Mystery. We all know the mechanical process by which a new life is conceived, but the Mysteries deal with the spiritual process.

¨Albert Pike was certainly not alone in tracing the theology of Freemasonry back to the phallic worship of the pagan cults of the past. In his book Symbolism of Freemasonry, Albert Mackey also observed: ¨Phallus representation of the male sex organ… was venerated as a religious symbol very universally by the ancients. It was one of the modifications of sun-worship, and was a symbol of the impregnating power of that luminary.

vatican obelisk

Vatican Obelisk

july 4 4

Washington DC

obelisk quezon

Quezon City Memorial Circle  Obelisk

obelisk quezon city

Quezon City Memorial Quadrangle bounded by North, West, Timog and East Avenue representing the square

¨Mackey wrote:

¨The Phallus, the male generative organ was represented usually by a column which was surmounted by a circle at its base, intended for the eteis or female generative organ. This union of the phallus and the eteis or vagina … was intended by the ancients as a type of the prolific powers of nature which they worshipped under the united form of the active or male principle and the passive or female principle.

¨Martin Wagner observed:

This creative or generative principle is that mysterious force or energy which renews the earth in springtime, and quickens all animated nature; that energy, force, or power which perpetually dying, renews itself in new, similar yet different forms…. This dynamic, procreative, productive power or energy in nature and especially in man maintaining a perpetual self-identity, Freemasonry conceives of as the divine nature, as the deity immanent in nature, and it is this life force or energy that it deifies, venerates and worships under the name of Great Architect of the Universe.


Sexual Meaning of Masonic Symbols


sex illustrustration

Square and Compass Allegory


Square and Compass

KN templar logo

Knnights Templar Commandery

rebis 2

Rebis, the alchemical symbol of the 32 degree scottish rite freemasonry

The Square represents the female (passive) generative principle, the earth, and the baser, sensual nature; and the Compass represents the male (active) generative principle, the sun/heavens, and the higher, spiritual nature.

¨The Compass, arranged above the Square, symbolizes the (male) Sun, impregnating the passive (female) Earth with its life-producing rays. The true meanings, then are two fold: the earthly (human) representations are of the man and his phallus, and the woman with her receptive eteis (vagina). The cosmic meaning is that of the active Sun (deity, the Sun-god) from above, imparting life into the passive Earth (deity, the earth/fertility goddess) below and producing new life.

WHY FREEMASONRY IS DATED 6016 A. L. (Anno Lucis) the Year of Light

The origin of the Square and Compass History of Sacred Sexuality

age of taurus

Age of Taurus circa  4000 BCE  or 6016 A.L. ago

  –  Age of the earth/agriculture, materialism, wealth, pleasure, sexuality, physical senses attributes, symbol by the Ox, master of the 3rd veil in royal arch masonry, the ruling planet is Venus, beauty, wisdom and beauty, and SACRED SEXUALITY

The peoples of Sumer  are among the earliest denizens of Mesopotamia. By about 4000 B.C., the Sumerians had organized themselves into several city-states that were spread throughout the southern part of the region. Thesecity-states were independent of one another and were fully self-reliant centers, each surrounding a temple that was dedicated to god or goddess specific to that city-state. Each city-state was governed by a priest king.


¨In Ancient Mesopotamia, the most prominent female deity was Inanna/Astarte. As early as the Uruk period (ca. 4000–3100 BCE), Inanna was associated with the city of Uruk.   She was the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure and Sexuality

¨In this period, human connection to the higher being is being practiced through divine feminine or goddess. A goddess is a female deity with supernatural powers in polytheistic religions. Goddesses most often have female characteristics that are apotheosized in their pure form, life-giving, healing and compassion, they have been especially associated with beauty, love, motherhood and in prehistoric religions associated with the Earth, fertility (Mother-goddess cult in prehistoric times).


Note:  King Solomon table bearing the Square  symbol of Goddess –  patterned from the temple of Innana/Astarte of Ancient Phoenicia present day Lebanon. Tyre is an ancient phoenician port.

Sacred Marriage


¨The concept of the sacred marriage originated with the ancients, who typically enacted annual ceremonies to bring fertility and prosperity. The Greeks called it Hieros Gamos.  It is a sexual ritual that acts out or simulates a marriage between a goddess and a god, especially when enacted in a symbolic rite where human participants assume the identity of the deities.The ritual symbolises the concordance of the female and male in the ceremony. Many mythologies describe it as a marriage between heaven and earth. In ancient Egypt, the marriage between Isis and Osiris was considered sacred union of heaven and earth, of yin and yang, of the feminine and the masculine principles.

Sacred Marriage in Sumerian City

¨Sacred prostitution was common in the Ancient Near East as a form of “Sacred Marriage” or hieros gamos between the king of a Sumerian city-state and the High Priestess of Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare. Along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers there were many shrines and temples dedicated to Inanna. The temple of Eanna, meaning “house of heaven” in Uruk was the greatest of these. The temple housed Nadītu, priestesses of the goddess. The high priestess would choose for her bed a young man who represented the shepherd Dumuzid, consort of Inanna, in a hieros gamos or sacred marriage, celebrated during the annual Duku ceremony, just before Invisible Moon, with the autumn Equinox (Autumnal Zag-mu Festival).

Sacred Marriage Rite in Greek Mythology

¨In Greek mythology the classic instance is the wedding of Zeus and Hera celebrated at the Heraion of Samos, union ritual  of fertility: Another is ancient union of Demeter with Iasion, the main feast on the Eleusinian Mystery cult.

The brief fertilizing mystical union engenders Dionysus, and doubled unions, of a god and of a mortal man on one night, result, through telegony, in the semi-divine nature of Greek heroes such as Theseus and Heracles among others.

¨If the ‘Sacred Marriage Rite’ ever involved human participants the priestess, acting as Inanna, would have engaged in ritual copulation with the king.

Sacred Prostitute

¨The so-called ‘sacred prostitute’ or temple priestess was associated with the religions of the Great Mother goddess in ancient times. These temple priestesses became the representatives in physical form of the Goddess and entered into sacred sexual rituals with male worshippers, and this provides evidence of the ‘sacred feminine’ then and now. Sacred or temple ‘prostitution’ was supposedly performed in ancient temples as a fertility ritual that involved the practice of sacred sexual intercourse as part of the religious worship of the Goddess.

Some Babylonian Custom accdg to historian Herodotus

¨The foulest Babylonian custom is that which compels every woman of the land to sit in the temple of Aphrodite and have intercourse with some stranger at least once in her life. Many women who are rich and proud and disdain to mingle with the rest, drive to the temple in covered carriages drawn by teams, and stand there with a great retinue of attendants. But most sit down in the sacred plot of Aphrodite, with crowns of cord on their heads; there is a great multitude of women coming and going; passages marked by line run every way through the crowd, by which the men pass and make their choice. Once a woman has taken her place there, she does not go away to her home before some stranger has cast money into her lap, and had intercourse with her outside the temple; but while he casts the money, he must say, “I invite you in the name of Mylitta” (that is the Assyrian name for Aphrodite). It does not matter what sum the money is; the woman will never refuse, for that would be a sin, the money being by this act made sacred. So she follows the first man who casts it and rejects no one. After their intercourse, having discharged her sacred duty to the goddess, she goes away to her home; and thereafter there is no bribe however great that will get her. So then the women that are fair and tall are soon free to depart, but the uncomely have long to wait because they cannot fulfil the law; for some of them remain for three years, or four. There is a custom like this in some parts of Cyprus.

Connection with the Divine during Sexual Activity

From the very beginning of humanity, sex has been the most natural way to discover our spiritual connection with the Divine. The endorphins released after orgasm instantly send the body into a euphoric state of bliss where the egoic mind is no longer achieving, scheming or efforting to fulfill the demands, dreams and goals of the ego. Through this orgasmic release and spiritual communion with the Divine, the deepest state of trust, love and relaxation is experienced. It is from this space where we can find a true feeling of absolute unshakable inner peace.

When you to resonate in Love , you will vibrate at a higher frequency within your DNA, attracting the cosmic energy allowing you the high level of consciousness of your soul.

¨People who have experienced the hieros gamos agree that this is a unique experience. One person stated that during the hieros gamos, both partners experienced total orgasm – through a physical connection, the other partner experienced perfectly the sexual stimulation the other person was sending in the mind – in short, the partners were both not only reading the other person’s mind, but interacted within that mind – as one unity of cosmic consciousness or  Oneness with God.”



The feeling of “heaven on earth” may indeed be what sex orgasm was all about: the twin souls in heaven, experiencing their divine union on earth.  An instant wherein you can experience oneness with God to fulfill the trinitarian consciousness of the creation. 

The sacred ritual of the Masonic interlaced square and compasses  during opening and closing of the lodge is emblematic of the act of Brotherly Love as Oneness with the Grand Architect of the Universe.


¨As above, so below.

bible with s&c


Above presentation is part of the lecture by Bro Gabriel Comia, Jr as District Grand Lecturer of Masonic District NCR-G, Grand Lodge of the Philippines during one of the Stated meetings.

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