My Alchemical Quest for Immortality


Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Its practitioners mainly sought to turn lead into gold, a quest that has captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years.

Alchemy was based on the belief that there are four basic elements in nature: air, fire, water, and earth. Alchemists based their theories and experiments on the Aristotelian assumption that the world and everything in it is composed of four basic elements (air, earth, fire, and water), along with three that were called “essential” substances: salt, mercury, and sulfur. Today we know that the universe is made up of atoms and elements. Since lead and other metals are not composed of fire, air, earth, and water, it’s not possible to adjust the percentages of those elements and turn them into gold.

It is by proper arrangement of mineral substance can transform base metal into gold, the ultimate goal of the alchemist. But before one can be successful he has to transform itself.

“The word alchemy is thought to derive from an Egyptian word, ‘chem’ or ‘qem,’ meaning black — a reference to the black alluvial soils bordering the Nile … We know that the Greek word ‘chyma,’ meaning to fuse or cast metals, established itself in Arabic as ‘al kimia’ — from which alchemy is derived.” The Arabic role in the spread of alchemy is significant; many books on alchemy were translated into Arabic from the Greek before being introduced to European audiences.

Alchemical Ormus

Ormus is White Powder Gold, also called Ormus or even elixir of life, causes a change in the body. It creates a transmutation in the cellular structure, which affects the light that the cell contains.  Ormus can come from ocean water, river water, soil and volcanic ash, the skins and seeds of raw fruits and vegetables, and also from the platinum group metals themselves.

Now Alchemy Ormus is different from the rest in that while most Ormus is just the oceanic extract, Now Alchemy Ormus is the combination of both Monatomic Gold and Ormus extracted from two oceanic sources; the Dead Sea and the Himalayan Sea. This gives our Ormus it’s subtle yet powerful quality. Ormus has been called nourishment for the light body as well as, “The food of the Gods”. It raises your vibration by nourishing your light body. The physical body, as a manifestation of the light body, responds to this nourishment in a vast range of healthy, beneficial ways, depending on the individual needs of those using the Ormus. In this way, Ormus is like “Liquid Yoga”. People call it “The food of the Gods” because it activates and opens your third eye, scientifically known as the Pineal Gland. This increases psychic, telepathic, empathic and clairvoyant abilities. In raising your vibration, Ormus makes you less susceptible to lower vibrational thoughts such as worry, grief, fear, jealousy, and lack.

You should use Ormus on a daily basis. It is more important now than ever that Ormus is used as a daily addition to one’s nutritional regimen because soil no longer contains Ormus like it used to. Nor do the foods we eat, or the water we drink. Give Ormus some time to work. You can put it in your water, or even in your food. It should be used daily and as above so below, your external environment will begin to shift to match the increase in vibration of your internal environment. 

The first documented use of Ormus dates back to Lemuria, where it was made by the high priests and fed to the Kings who lived far beyond what would be considered a normal human life expectancy. Then a similar process is documented throughout Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. King Solomon also made Ormus in 950 BC.

Ormus is an alchemically collected 4th dimensional substance that occurs in nature. The term Ormus comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements and was coined by David Hudson, a farmer who discovered this substance’s vibrational characteristics in his soil and invested millions of dollars into research concluding that an element can exist in its Ormus state, i.e. Ormus Gold, Ormus Silver, Ormus Copper, Ormus Palladium, ect. Ormus elements can be of metals, such as gold, but they do not exist in their metal state, which would be toxic to the body, but rather in their m-state form, which is bio-available and actually magnificently beneficial to the body in numerous regenerative ways, all pertaining specifically to that element. David Hudson’s research further concluded that the Ormus substances are not technically monatomic, but similar in that they do not exist in large clusters such as mineral forms of these elements do. Rather than micro-clusters of metal to metal bonds Ormus elements exist in a cooper paring relationship. an Ormus element is a super-conducting element in a class all on it’s own, separate from the periodic table. This is a high-spin state of elements and has more accurately been termed, m-state elements, but still widely referred to as Ormus, or monatomic elements.

It is by this description that I begin to search for the alchemical material in a simple procedure to produce it. I searched the internet and was able to procure the required raw material for the operation.

January 2019

Ormus Procedure from web

  1. First, make some lye solution. Get food grade Lye granules and mix 1/2 cup per quart of distilled water (or 2 cups per gallon). Make sure to always add the lye to the water, not the water to the lye! Also, do under the fume hood of your stove or outside – you do not want to breathe in the fumes. Wear protective gloves and goggles. Stir well as you are adding the granules and add slowly. The solution will be cloudy at first and will heat up. As it cools, the solution will become clear again and look just like water. Once cooled, put in an HDPE plastic container, preferably with a dropper top and label as 1:8 lye solution. You want to always use good plastic or glass, never metal. (Sodium carbonate can and should be substituted as a food-safe alternative… regular baking soda can be baked in an oven on max heat/cleaning cycle for one hour to evaporate the bi from the carbonate which leaves you with sodium carbonate/caustic soda/washing soda)
  2. Next, you are going to rehydrate your

dead sea salts. Add 1/2 cup of dead sea salts to 1 quart distilled water. I use a liter sized plastic measuring bowl that has a pour lip on it (got it at the Dollar Tree). Because I need to leave room for lye and stirring, I will often fill this liter-sized bowl to 750 ml and add a little less than 1/2 cup DSS and this works good for me. Stir well until salts dissolve.

  1. Filter your dead sea water using coffee filters. This is to filter out any rocks or shells that may have been mixed in with the salt crystals.
  2. Now you are ready to do your precipitation. Put your pH meter probe in the salt water and leave there and on the whole time. Start stirring, your starting pH will vary but should be around 7.5 – 8.5.
  3. Stirring continuously, start adding the lye solution you made up a small squirt at a time. Wait for pH to stabilize before adding more. Then add some more. Keep doing this. At some point, you will notice that you are adding lye but the pH is not going up as fast anymore. This is a plateau and is where you are making most of your ormus. Keep adding squirt by squirt and keep stirring. Eventually your pH will start to jump up again. Once you see that jump, slow down and start adding the lye a drop or two at a time. The pH will probably be around 10.2 but this will vary as well. Just keep stirring and dropping in the lye solution. You will see the pH jump up then fall down back to where it was – just keep going slowly and with patience. Do not let pH ever jump over 10.78, and I usually stop when pH is holding at 10.6. You will get a feel for how much you can add at a time and how fast. You should have been stirring the whole time but if you get tired, stir in well your last drop of lye then you can stop and rest for a minute or two, then start stirring again

before resuming the lye. You want to avoid having localized areas of high pH spikes – hence the constant stirring. Whole precip time will run around 30 minutes. Again this can vary but in general 25-30 minutes.

  1. Once you have reached your target pH, allow the precipitate to settle. I let sit for at least 24 hours in a dark faraday cage
  2. Now you should have about 350 ml of fluffy white precip (amount will vary) on the bottom topped with clear water. You are going to slowly, steadily, and carefully pour off or siphon the top water while disturbing the precip as little as possible. Best tip I can give you is not to start pouring and then jerk back – keep it constant and steady. If you slosh it around, you will need to allow the precip to settle again. Now you are going to wash your precip. You can do it one of two ways, depending on how many days

you want to spend doing this step. You can do 3 washes, where you add 1:1 ratio of distilled water to your precip (ex: you have 350 ml precip so add 350 ml distilled water to it) and allow to settle for about 24-48 hours. Do this 3 times. Or you can add 3:1 distilled water (ex: you have 350 ml precip, so add 1050 ml distilled water to it) and let settle for at least 48 hours. If you use a measured washing container, then you will know when the precip has settled to its original 350 ml. I prefer the first method but takes more time, but convenient if you do everything in your original liter-sized measuring bowl. Also note that doing the wash 3 times (the first method) will result in manna that is less salty than if you do a 3-to-1 wash. Unless you plan to ship your manna (in which case salty is protective), then how salty your manna should be is a personal preference. In general, the more you

wash, the less salty it will be.

  1. Now that your precip has been washed, pour off the top water as before leaving behind the precip. It is now ready to be “dosed.” Just add 1:1 ratio of distilled water, stir well, and bottle it in whatever you want (plastic or glass, no metal) and it is ready for ingestion. Recommend 1/2 to 1 tsp per day on an empty stomach to start and then adjust according to your intuition and reactions. Store in a cool, dark place way from EMF.

A few notes: Do whole procedure away from EMF and away from UV light (sunlight). Be careful with the lye, especially initially when it is at full concentration. Even when it is diluted 1:8, you still want to wash your skin in cold water if you spill some on yourself (you can tell because your skin will feel slick) and absolutely keep it out of your eyes!

If you want to make Ormus from Celtic Sea salt or other live salt/saltwater, you must boil it first, then filter it. You may not get as much precipitate, so you can dissolve as much as 2 cups per gallon of water at a time and boil covered for 10-15 minutes over fire – gas or propane stove (not electric because generates EMF). Filter like with the Dead Sea salt, and then follow the same directions above as with the Dead Sea salt.

Another Procedure from Blog

You shouldn’t buy ormus from strangers, besides, they charge a fortune for probably a more inferior product then what you or I can make… you should make it, because it’s cheap and easy, and this stimulates creativity and brings your spirit in to play, you imprint your own vibes into it as well… you only need to buy dead sea salt , coffee filters, and baking soda… reconstitute one cup of dead sea salt in 1L of good water, then filter it through a four stack of coffee filters, take half a box of baking soda and put it in an oven safe dish, then place into the oven on max heat/cleaning cycle for two hours, after one hour stir the baking soda around to expose more surface area… when it’s been two hours shut off heat and let it cool to room temp…. congratulations, you have just converted sodium bicarbonate into sodium carbonate by evaporating the bi from the carb… sodium carbonate is also known as washing soda or caustic soda and this means it’s a base and alkaline (the opposite of an acid with 7.1 – 14 ph…acids are 6.9 – 0.1 ph… 7 is neutral.) with a ph of around 11-12, as opposed to regular baking soda which has a ph of 8… it’s great for cleaning too, if you get it on your fingers it’s slick like soap (lye is used to make soap along with jews too!!. , and careful of splashes in eyes, cold water rinse or have vinager near by for defence… next, you want to take another 1L of good water and add as much of your freshly made washing soda to it as it will take, this means add soda to the water until it won’t dissolve anymore (usually around 10g/100ml), filter the basic water in a four stack of coffee filters so there’s no solids or undissolved particles…this is your basic solution and it has a ph of around 11-12… now, you should have two seperate crystal clear solutions of 1L of salt water, and 1L of basic water, observe how they are both transparent and nothing is contained within, make sure your salt water solution is in a 2L+ preferably glass (you should always use glass for everything) container, and then you want to stir it real good, get a fast and deep vortex going, and then take your 1L basic solution and pour it all into the spinning salt water…. f’n awesome you’ll say, and pure magic is what you’ll observe next as your clear liquid explodes (it doesn’t literally explode, the color change does!) into a white snow, or the “semen of God” that starts a blizzard in your jar… that’s your ormus dropping out, congratulations you’re an alchemist, and my brother/sister in the craft now!…

Give the ormus a good stir the other way, then cover and let it settle away from major electromagnetic fields, ideally in a Faraday cage or steel cookie can or something like that, and put in a cool dark place too… I wrap all my ormus and monatomics in five to ten wraps of tin foil as well, plus I write positive messages on post it notes and place the notes facing the ormus against the glass with the tinfoil wrapped around… this is based on that Dr emotos research about programming water with love/positive vibrations…I do a bunch of other stuff to my ormus like charging the waters four different ways, dropping ormus when astrological signs are strongest, meditation, smudging and purifying myself and house before, only listen to 432 tuned music while making it etc etc… I do sell ormus and monatomics, along with other subtle energy devices and systems!!. (my company’s name is subtle energy systems Ltd!)…any-hoo, nuff plugin my set… so after you mixed the two parts and stirred real nice both ways, then protected and hidden it, leave it for 12 hours, come back, then you will observe two parts to your solution, the ormus is the white stuff on the bottom, the salt water is the clear top water, you want to siphon off that top water without disturbing your ormus too much, that water is waste, drain it, now observe how much ormus is there and then add approximately twice that amount of fresh clean water to your ormus and then stir real good both ways (always stir both ways to balance… spinning counterclockwise pulls from the zero point, the other way pushes into it.)…what you are doing is washing the saline out of the ormus… cover and let rest again for 12 hours, then siphon off the top water and taste 2mls of your ormus, if it’s too salty for you wash it again… don’t forget this is the ocean, it’s going to taste like it, minus the salt of course, but still, it’s good to put it your juice or tea… it shouldn’t be fishy though, it almost seems like it might because it’s the ocean, but there should be no distinct fish flavor… and fyi the salt helps the ormus hide out from the electromagnetic fields… when I ship through the mail I leave most of the salt in to protect my product… the customer can wash it out if they wish.


So, voila, you now have yourself a high alkaline bioavailable naturally sourced trace mineral and Ormus supplement that’s also food safe because you used baking soda instead of lye… every morning take 15-30ml (maybe more maybe less) of it before breakfast… you might need to take a magnesium supplement for the first month until your body gets use to the hydroxide form of it… some people get a small pain in their back, which is fixed by taking magnesium, it goes away in thirty days by itself, but you’re going to be having so much other better things happening to you, you won’t care about a little back pain!… energy, clarity of thought, overall brain functioning are just a few things you will notice right away within one month… I promise you won’t regret reading and heeding these words here… give ormus to your plants, 1 part ormus to 20 parts water, to make them stronger for when you come (or don’t as the case may be!!..) looking to kill them!..

And give it to your kitties and animal friends too… 2mls twice a week worked for my wittle kittie and should be the standard for lesser forms (animals)… and give it to your kids at half your dose, every two days…


Seriously though, the ormus, give it to your friends and family too, it’s good for all…

What I just described here is “the poor mans, I’m not a science knower ormus recipe”… this is, if the lights go out, end of the world kind of ormus… you can actually use wood ashes and water to make your basic solution, this is how the ancients made lye… and you can use ocean water, or any other kind of salt and even certain mineral or rock based source materials contain ormus… Himalayan salt is awesome for ormus!…I make a special and amazing equal combination Himalayan/dead sea/great salt lake ormus!… the inland C-mix I call it… it has over 100 trace minerals and metals as monatomics, where the dead sea is high in Mgold, the great salt lake is high in Mplatinum, Miridium, Mrhodium, and the Himalayan has Mruthenium, and Mpalladium… here’s:






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