Wind and Water at Festival Mall Alabang

Feng Shui which literally means “wind water” is the Chinese art of Geomancy for good placement to achieve harmony and balance with the environment.  When water flows slowly, so does the qi – the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

The basic principle of feng shui is chi or energy. It is a feng shui principle that is used throughout all of life. It links the energy of all things together. There can be chi or energy of the earth, the atmosphere, and people. We can see the quality of chi expressed through areas of color, form, shape, sound and the various cycles in nature. Feng shui principles work to ensure that the chi is allowed to keep flowing and not get stuck or depleted.

In feng shui principles, there are two main types of feng shui that we need to consider. One of these is physical and contains the actual structures, surroundings, buildings, roads, and design. The other involves directional influences that although are invisible, still have an influence on our lives and how we relate to space and time. We need to take both feng shui principles into consideration when evaluating the chi qualities of an environment.

Actual Representation of Wind and Water at Festival Mall Lagoon


Situated at 12O degrees East South East facing the lagoon is a small waterfall cascading the developed creek with crocodile concrete figure instead of a dragon feature.  In Chinese Loupan or Bagua, the orientation of the 120 ESE degree corresponds to the dragon.

This body of water is a natural creek enhanced by the mall designer perhaps adapting the principle of Feng shui to harmonize and balance the chi of the area. This gives the serenity, the collected energy to bring power to the physical body,  one is experiencing when resting on the area.

The atrium or the lobby opening between Starbucks and Coffeebean and Tea Leaf coffee shops serve as the gateway for the dragon to drink water from the lagoon. Watch it between 7am- 9am every day.

East South East Entrance

About the Writer

Gabriel Comia, Jr. is a student practitioner of Chinese Art of Metaphysics, Bazi, Ziwei Dou Shu, Feng Shui, and Dim Mak.




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