I was taught that 36o degrees complete a circle, 12 zodiacal house of 30 degrees, multiply by 72 equal to 25, 920 years the complete orbit of the sun  to its precessional equinox, 108 beads in a mala,  9 degrees in Rosy Cross, 33 (3×3=9) degrees in Scottish Rite, 9 arches in the York Rite, all of which have significance to the name and number of the deity 9 and 72.

My name is Gab Comia..a student of metaphysical science endeavoring the highest realms of dimension through studies of ancient mysticsm, rituals and initiations, absorbing morals and dogma, and learning  masonic  symbolism. I am a Freemason.

I live in Manila.


Sagittarian Dragon

Sagittarius Rising

General Manager, Gabcom Realty
Real Estate Sales and Development
PRC Real Estate Broker No. 1528

General Manager,
GCCO Bldg Construction
Civil Engineer # 16449
Real Estate Development


Masonic Profile:
Pagkakaisa Lodge No. 282
Under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines
Initiated : Dec 29, 2002
Passed : March 22, 2003
Raised: July 26, 2003
JW : 2012
SW : 2013
WM : 2014
Past District Grand Lecturer:
NCR-G : 2015-2016

Appendant Bodies:

Manila Bodies, Valley of Ermita, Orient of Manila, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Under The Supreme Council of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General
Of The 33rd and Last Degree of A. & A. S. R. of Freemasonry of the Republic of the Philippines.

2013 : Junior Warden, Mt. Arayat, Lodge of Perfection.
2012 : Wise Master, Manu Chapter, Knights of Rose Croix
2012 : Commander, Confucius Council of Kadosh
2013 : Master of Kadosh, Gautama Consistory
32 Degree KCCH

York Rite Freemasonry

Luzon York Rite
Luzon Chapter, No. 1 Of Royal Arch Masons
Luzon Council No. 9 Of Royal and Select Masters
Luzon Commandery No. 9 Of Knights Templars

Manila York Rite
Past High Priest  Manila Chapter No. 2 Of Royal Arch Masons
Past Illustrious Master 2014, Oriental Council No. 1 Of Royal and Select Masters
Past Eminent Commander 2013, Far East Commandery No. 1 Of Knights Templar

Conferred: Super Excellent Master


Elected V11 Grade, Pearl of the Orient College-Societas Rosicruciana In Civitatibus Foederatis (SRICF)

Council of Allied Masonic Degrees

Allied Masonic Degrees, Cavite Council No. 506 PH

Conferred, St Laurence the Martyr 2013
Conferred, Excellent Master 2013

Manila York Rite College
Conferred: 2015

Member of the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross (AMORC) , under the Grand Lodge of Australia


A student of Lucis Trust (London) studying the books of Alice Bailey and Dwal Khull

World Server – ARCANE SCHOOL (New York)

Astrology Friends – Member
Association of Professional Astrologers- Member

Astrology, Egyptian Equinox Precession, Chinese Horoscope, Tzu Wei, Ming Shui, 4 pillars of Destiny

Contact Information
Website: hhtp://taughtbydegree.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interesting blog. I am also a Mason (Lodge 42, Los Angeles). Would it be okay to email you with some thoughts and questions? I’m especially interested in the fact that you are also a member of other organizations. That, and we share the same name 😉
    Look forward to hearing from you, brother.

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