June 10, 1988 – Pagkakaisa Lodge No. 282’s Birthday



Saturn planet revolves around the sun in 29 1/2 years or  transits  the 12  constellations from aries to pisces in approximately 2 1/2 years every zodiac sign. At present, she is transiting the constellation of sagittarius since Dec 23, 2014 until Dec 20, 2017.

Pagkakaisa Lodge No. 282 was constituted on June 10, 1988 during the Gemini sun (May 22-June 21). Saturn Transit in Sagittarius is presently in opposition to its natal sun of Gemini.


Some analysis of astrologers regarding saturn transit opposition.

“Saturn opposite Sun transit can be a draining time because you are more likely to feel weighed down and pessimistic about the challenges and blockages to your progress. These tests which we all go through seem more serious and more numerous during this transit, and are likely make you feel more burdened and restricted in your freedom or self-expression.

These challenges to your will or ego can come from people who it is very difficult to fight against, such as parents, bosses, anyone with some authority over your life. This is why it can be so frustrating, you have to struggle on through the boring routines even though you may want to break free.

This period can be a low point but it is important to remember that it is probably happening for a reason. It may be that your ambitions are being held back at the moment because the timing is not right. There may be some more lessons or skills to learn so that when this transit passes you are ready to take full advantage of new opportunities.

The Sun rules your self-esteem and your ego, so this may be low during this time, better to remain patience, focus on hard work and look after yourself, play it low-key for a few months. Saturn opposite Sun transit is time to strengthen your character by facing any adversity head on which will give you more confidence in the future”

Saturn opposition to Sun is a stressful. restricting and frustrating period and full of tension in ones life. This happens twice in a lifetime, thats why saturn is called the teacher planet.


Saturn, is the ruler of Capricorn. In Greek Mythology, Cronus was one of the Titans, and the father of Zeus. Cronus ate his children to prevent himself from being dethroned as the King of the Gods. That is, until his wife, Rhea, tricked him into swallowing a stone when Zeus was born.

saturn glyphs

In astrology, Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. Although the themes of Saturn seem depressing, Saturn brings structure and meaning to our world. Saturn knows the limits of time and matter. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. It brings definition to our lives. Saturn makes us aware of the need for self-control and of boundaries and our limits.

Saturn is often associated with our fathers or father/authority figures. In childhood, the discipline, rules, and regulations imposed on us by our authority figures–from parents, teachers, and the like–were not always pleasant, but they actually helped us to understand the world around us. Similarly, Saturn’s lessons actually help us to grow.

In the chart, the position of Saturn by sign and house reveals our own limitations, fears, and sense of responsibility. Saturn brings definition, and often limitation, to the planets it aspects.

My Lodge, Pagkakaisa is having its saturn transit opposing the natal Gemini. Ayaw ko sanang maniwala sa ganitong analysis ng mga astrologers sa kadahilanang hindi naman persona or individual ang lohiya pero sa nangyayaring hindi pagkakaunawaan sa loob  kapag may stated meeting ay hindi maiwasang mag isip ako na maaaring totoo nga ang mga nangyayari. Halos walong buwan na,  na lagi ng sagutan at hindi magandang iringan at personalang batikusan ang mga past masters tuwing may meeting sa mga isyung kung bibigyan lamang ng tamang pang unawa ay hindi magiging problema.

Kapag uma attend ako ng meeting ng ibang lodge ay inggit na inggit ako sa harmonious situation during the meeting. Lahat ay nagkakaunawaan at napakabilis matapos ang meeting pero matagal naman ang dinner at fellowship para sa masasayang kwentuhan. Tunay na salamin ng kapatiran.

Sana maging ganon din ang mga meetings sa aking lohiya. Pero kung ang Pagkakaisa ay apektado ng ikot ng planetang saturn, makakatagal kaya  sa ganitong sitwasyon hanggang Dec 20, 2017?  Ano ang mangyayayri?. Mga katanungang hindi ko pa kayang sagutin at maipaliwanag.

Wala naman makapagsabi sa akin o may magtestimonya na kung ipinanganak  nga ng Gemini ay tensyonado sa ngayon;  sa relationship, sa financial resources, sa mga hindi mabuong goal, at hindi tamang mga desisyon. Pakiramdam na parang guguho ang daigdig, at laging mainitin ang ulo. May mga interview akong ginagawa pero wala naman magsabi ng totoo dahil marahil sa gustong itago ang mga tunay na nangyayari sa kanilang buhay.

Ayon sa mga nakasulat na ginawa ng mga astrologers, sinasabi na kapag dumadaan ang ganitong mga problema at mga pinag dadaanang parang walang solusyon, ang dapat gawin ay huwag kontrahin ang takbo ng buhay at sundan lamang ito na to go with the flow. Prayer and meditation and attunement with the supreme being ang the best solution.

Ang mga pangyayaring ganito ay napagdaanan ko na rin at natutuhan ko din naman ang tamang solusyon sa mga lessons na ipinatong ni Haring Kronus, ang representasyon ni planet saturn. Mabigat ang problema pero ang aral na natutuhan ay para mataas na antas ng liwanag na parehas sa mga itinuturo sa masonerya.

Ordo Ab Chao

ordo ab chao

Ordo Ab Chao means Order out of Chaos.

From Gnostic Warrior:

ORDO AB CHAO is Latin for “Order Out of Chaos or Order from Disorder.” This term was invented by Freemasons and is the actual motto of the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

ordo-ab-chao 1

The name Scottish or Scotland is derived from the Latin, from Greek  skotia, from feminine of skotios, dark, shadowy (from the shadow it casts), from skotos, darkness. In ancient Egypt there was a temple of Venus Scotia and it is said that the country of Scotland had derived its name from an Egyptian Pharaoh Queen named Scota.

scota of scotland

The chaos (CHAO) is the society we see around us today and it is the builders who influence the leaders to manufacture this chaos so that they can conceal their creations in darkness while they work towards the light (ORDO). Without chaos there would never be order. Without darkness, there can be no light and without light there can be no darkness. What is the AS ABOVE, is the SO BELOW of this Secret Brotherhood.

The Grand Architects of CHAO (hell or illusion) become the masters of ORDO (Heaven on earth). The torch bearers who carry the light in the dark will now be the light bearers who usher in the new dawn of a new day.

FIAT LUX (Let there be light). What was once dark, now becomes light and what was once light now becomes dark.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – –

The Lodge is now in chaos How to put it in proper order needs divine intervention of the Grand Architect.

Me, i just go with the flow and follow its destiny.

As Above So Below

Hermes Tresmegistus,  “Thrice Great Philosopher” who is known for his wisdom of the three parts of the whole universe is the author of the above philosophy through his hermetic writings of The Emerald Tablet that which is above in Heaven (the universe, the cosmos, the stars) is the same as on earth (man and its surroundings) or in Masonry, the compasses and the square.

Considering the belief of the influence of the stars on the life on earth,  (God represents as One with whole and the Grand Architect of the Universe), I would like to discuss some events that will transpire this coming year 2012 as written by some astrologers, mystics, seers, doomsayers.


Year of the Black Water Dragon

On January 23, 2012, new moon is the start of the Chinese Lunar Calendar representing the year of the Black Water Dragon until February 9, 2013. Chinese Astrology, which is based on astronomy and calendar, following the orbit of planet Jupiter, divides the year cycle into 12 animal zodiac signs in the order as follows: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit or cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is also divided into 60-year cycle of 10 heavenly stems represented by 5 elements (in the order of water, wood, fire, earth and metal), in their yin and yang forms. For reference, one can check his Chinese animal zodiac sign of his birth date as enumerated below: There are corresponding meanings on its respective zodiac sign but this is another topic.

Feb 08 1940–Jan 26 1941  Yang Metal Dragon                                                                         Jan 27 1941–Feb 14 , 1942 Yin Metal Snake                                                                          Feb 15 1942–Feb 04 1943 Yang Water Horse                                                                     Feb 05 1943–Jan 24 1944             Yin Water Goat                                                                  Jan 25 1944–Feb 12 1945 Yang Wood Monkey                                                                     Feb 13 1945–Feb 01 1946 Yin Wood Rooster                                                                            Feb 02 1946–Jan 21 1947 Yang Fire Dog                                                                                 Jan 22 1947–Feb 09 1948             Yin Fire Pig                                                                           Feb 10 1948–Jan 28 1949 Yang Earth Rat                     Jan 29 1949–Feb 16 1950             Yin Earth Ox          Feb 17 1950–Feb 05 1951 Yang Metal Tiger                                          Feb 06 1951–Jan23, 1952 Yin MetalRabbit                                                                         Jan 27 1952–Feb 13 1953 Yang Water Dragon             Feb 14 1953–Feb 02 1954 Yin Water Snake    Feb 03 1954–Jan 23 1955 Yang Wood Horse               Jan 24 1955–Feb 11 1956             Yin Wood Goat     Feb 12 1956–Jan 30 1957 Yang Fire Monkey               Jan 31 1957–Feb 17 1958             Yin Fire Rooster    Feb 18 1958–Feb 07 1959 Yang Earth Dog                  Feb 08 1959–Jan 27 1960             Yin Earth Pig          Jan 28 1960–Feb 14 1961 Yang Metal Rat                   Feb 15 1961–Feb 04 1962             Yin Metal Ox        Feb 05 1962–Jan 24 1963 Yang Water Tiger               Jan 25 1963–Feb 12 1964             Yin Water Rabbit

Feb 13 1964–Feb 01 1965 Yang Wood Dragon            Feb 02 1965–Jan 20 1966  Yin Wood Snake     Jan 21 1966–Feb 08 1967 Yang Fire Horse                  Feb 09 1967–Jan 29 1968             Yin Fire Goat             Jan 30 1968–Feb 16 1969 Yang Earth Monkey            Feb 17 1969–Feb 05 1970             Yin Earth Rooster   Feb 06 1970–Jan 26 1971 Yang Metal Dog                 Jan 27 1971–Feb 14 1972             Yin Metal Pig        Feb 15 1972–Feb 02 1973 Yang Water Rat                 Feb 03 1973–Jan 22 1974             Yin Water Ox          Jan 23 1974–Feb 10 1975 Yang Wood Tiger                Feb 11 1975–Jan 30 1976             Yin Wood Rabbit

Jan 31 1976–Feb 17 1977 Yang Fire Dragon                     Feb 18 1977–Feb 06 1978             Yin Fire Snake      Feb 07 1978–Jan 27 1979 Yang Earth Horse                    Jan 28 1979–Feb 15 1980             Yin Earth Goat      Feb 16 1980–Feb 04 1981 Yang Metal Monkey          Feb 05 1981–Jan 24 1982   Yin Metal Rooster    Jan 25 1982–Feb 12 1983 Yang Water Dog                Feb 13 1983–Feb 01 1984             Yin Water Pig        Feb 02 1984–Feb 19 1985 Yang Wood Rat                     Feb 20 1985–Feb 08 1986   Yin Wood Ox        Feb 01 1986–Jan 28 1987  Yang Fire Tiger                    Jan 29 1987–Feb 16 1988   Yin Fire Rabbit

Ex: WB Herbert Tiu (monkey year), SW Len Regis (dragon year), JW Gabby Comia (dragon year), etc.

December 21, 2012  End of the Mayan Calendar

The ancient Mayas of Chichen Itza, Yucatan and Mexico invented  a calendar which was adopted by other Mesoamerican nations such as Astecs and the Toltec. They uses three different dating system in parallel, the Long Count, the Tzolkin (the divine calendar), and the Haab (the civil calendar).

Long Count Calendar corresponds to the precession of the equinoxes to complete the full five cycles of the sun to the Great Zodiacal Cycle (each lasting 5,125 years x 5 = 25,625 years. According to the Mayan, the current 5th Sun which begun in Aug 11, 3114 BC will complete the last 5th cycle of the sun on December 21, 2012.

The Tzolkin is a combination of  20 named day cyclic with another cycle 13 numbers to produce 260 days (20 x 13=260 days) and being used for divination or sacred days While, Haab, measures the solar year in 365.24 days.

Prophecies (excepted from Mystics)

  1. Consciousness evolves to higher level of oneness with the Divine of Light
  2. Terence Mckenna theory of timewave zero.
  3. In the “Brahma-Vaivarta Purana”, Lord Krishna tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in the Kali  Yuga- one of the four stages of development that the world goes through as part of the cycle of eras, as described in Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna predicted that this Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the beginning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years. The ancient Hindus mainly used lunar calendars but also used solar calendars. If an average lunar year equals 354.36 days, this would be about 5270 lunar years from the time when the Kali Yuga started until 21 Dec 2012. This is the same year that the Mayans predict rebirth of our planet.
  4. The eight-year pentagonal cycle of Venus, which started the transit on June 8, 2004 and closing on June 6, 2012 will open the doorway to new reality.
  5. Reality will shift to a higher (harmonic) dimension, ego identities remaining intact, and all will get to experience a world in harmony and balance – love and light.
  6. Certain souls, who feel they are leaving here now, will return to light, while the rest remain physical.
  7. The consciousness hologram in which we virtually experience, will cease to exist, all returns to light, souls taking with them their experiences and wisdom, moving into something else, but without their ego identity from this experience.

Prophecies from Doomsayers

1.    End of the world by earthquake ( the last deluge 10,000 years ago was caused by water)                                    2.    Return of Plane X  Nibiru.                                                                                                                                                            3.    Polar Shift caused by massive Solar Flares                                                                                                                           4.   Severe climate changes (typhoon, flood, land inundation, el nino, etc)                                                                   5.    Milky Way  great way cycle ends in catastrophic change depicted on the symbol of Ouroboros, the                           serpent biting its nail.   Timetable is 2012.

Symbolism of the Holy Cross and the Galactic Center  

2012 is the timeline of the grand crossing  of the milky way and the galactic axis  as depicted in some mystery schools and secret societies symbolized by the ancient Egyptian ankh, templar’s cross,  catholic holy cross,  royal arch mason’s tribe of Judah,  astrologers cross scorpio-taurus, aquarius-leo polarities, the Tibetan wheel of dharma,  mayan wheel,  cross of hendaye, etc..