Chinese Astrologer at Tainan City Night Market

Resulta ng larawan para sa chinese character of person

Unknowingly, this is the chinese character that i drew when i was asked by the lady astrologer in Tainan  City Night Market to write any chinese character..see the picture..”ren”  means “person.”


{ The prediction or I should say the computation made by the lady astrologer  on my natal chart at Tainan City Night Market }


Its already in my consciousness that whenever i visited new places, i am always fascinated by the mysticism of  its culture and people. In my recent visit in Tainan City, 2oo kms south of Taipe for business meetings with Taiwanese businessmen, in one of the nights,  I have the chance  to see the night market, the food stalls  and experienced the chinese astro reading based on the date of birth and the present positions of the planets.

I happened to take the services of a middle age lady astrologer whom i felt was knowledgeable in this ancient art of computing Bazi Method of Astrology.

“One of the most important areas in Chinese Astrology prediction or Four Pillars of Destiny reading is the combinations of the Heavenly Stems, Earthly branches and their Wu Xing transformation.

Bazi chart Wu Xing combinations and transformations also known as Five Element combinations and transformations. It means a single Wu Xing or more in a Bazi natal chart can be transformed into a different element under certain given conditions. The combinations and transformations can also happen during the 10 years luck cycle or during the yearly cycle. On the other hand the combinations and transformations can be reversed back (break the combinations and transformations) to its original elements state during the 10 years luck cycle or the yearly cycle. The transformation of the Wu Xing makes the Chinese Astrology prediction interesting and challenging.

Without Wu Xing transformation, the Chinese Astrology prediction is too straight forward and dull. After the Wood Element luck cycle, it follows by Fire Element cycle and then Earth Element cycles. It is kind of unexciting. With the Wu Xing transformation in a Bazi chart, an experienced Chinese Astrologer is able to examine and predict the outcomes by analysis the combinations and transformation happening in the Stems and Branches both in the Natal Chart, the Luck pillars and the yearly pillars. In other words, the combinations and transformation are the important aspect to correctly predict a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart. It is because the combinations of the Heavenly stems, Earthly Branches, and transformation of the Wu Xing in a Bazi chart giving conflicts by repositioning,rearrangement, increase or decrease the strength of the Wu Xing. As the result, it makes a static Bazi chart into a dynamic one. Chinese Astrology prediction is predicting the dynamic of our life. The combinations and transformation of the Wu Xing or five elements represents by Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. They show what is really happening to the owner of a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart.

It was fortunate that a friend , a Taiwanese interpreted and perfectly translated in English what lady was saying during the session.  I felt satisfied because of many lucky predictions for the coming months {hoping}  for a dragon born, otherwise the 8oo NT$ fee is a rip off.  {see above interpretation  in chinese language}

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