Invocation of the Sacred Phoenix in the Book of the Dead, Chapter 83

The Invocation of the Sacred Phoenix (Bennu/Benu Bird) in the Book of the Dead, Chapter 83 (LXXXIII):
I flew up and out of the Primeval Waters,
and I came into being like the God Khepra (the Divine Scarab),
I grew like the Plants,
I am concealed like the Turtle, 
I am the essence of the Gods,
I am Yesterday of the Four Quarters of the World
and the Seven Urea who came into being in the West,
Whom Horus has illuminated by his hand 
and witnesses against Seth,
where Thoth dwelled in the middle for judgement,
as judge on behalf of Sekhem and the spirits of Annu (Heliopolis),
he was like a stream between them,
I have come,
I rise up on my Throne,
I become the Shining One, 
I am Mighty,
I become holy among the Gods,
I am the God Khonsu (the Moon) who drives back all that is opposed to him.