As a Zelator Aspirant of the Second Grade, I was conducted at the center of the Temple and placed before the Ancient of Air which seated behind the Pillar in the cardinal point of the East ruled by the zodiac Libra and the Divinic Deity YHVH.

” Frater Zelator, what do you desire?”

” I desire for more  knowledge to study the constitution of the Universe and the structure of the world and seek to understand the relations that exist between the soul of men and his body, and investigate the sources and effects of the elemental forces”.

Then I was asked to kneel on both knees and invoke the blessing of God.

Afterwards, I was asked to make my vow and promise to study with zeal the mysteries of the art and sciences.

I also gave my solemn promise  to conceal the secret knowledge of this second grade   Theoricus.


Journey of the Soul

“The ancient Philosophers regarded the soul of man as having had its origin in Heaven. That was, Macrobius says, a settled opinion among them all; and they held it to be the only true wisdom, for the soul, while united with the body, to look ever toward its source, and strive to return to the place whence it came. Among the fixed stars it dwelt, until, seduced by the desire of animating a body, it descended to be imprisoned in matter.

Let us, in order to understand this old Thought, first follow the soul in its descent. The sphere or Heaven of the fixed stars was that Holy Region, and those Elysian Fields, that were the native domicile of souls, and the place to which they re-ascended, when they had recovered their primitive purity and simplicity. From that luminous region the soul set forth, when it journeyed toward the body; a destination which it did not reach until it had undergone three degradations, designated by the name of Deaths; and until it had passed through the several spheres and the elements.

All souls remained in possession of Heaven and of happiness, so long as they were wise enough to avoid the contagion of the body, and to keep themselves from any contact with matter. But those who, from that lofty abode, where they were lapped in eternal light, have looked longingly toward the body, and toward that which we here below call life, but which is to the soul a real death; and who have conceived for it a secret desire,–those souls, victims of their concupiscence, are attracted by degrees toward the inferior regions of the world, by the mere weight of thought and of that terrestrial desire.

The soul, perfectly incorporeal, does not at once invest itself with the gross envelope of the body, but little by little, by successive and insensible alterations, and in proportion as it removes further and further from the simple and perfect substance in which it dwelt at first. It first surrounds itself with a body composed of the substance of the stars; and afterward, as it descends through the several spheres, with ethereal matter more and more gross, thus by degrees descending to an earthly body; and its number of degradations or deaths being the same as that of the spheres which it traverses.

The Galaxy, Macrobius says, crosses the Zodiac in two opposite points, Cancer and Capricorn, the tropical points in the sun’s course, ordinarily called the Gates of the Sun.

Through these gates souls were supposed to descend to earth and re-ascend to Heaven. One, Macrobius says, in his dream of Scipio, was styled the Gate of Men; and the other, the Gate of the Gods. Cancer was the former, because souls descended by it to the earth; and Capricorn the latter, because by it they re-ascended to their seats of immortality, and became Gods. From the. Milky Way, according to Pythagoras, diverged the route to the dominions of Pluto. Until they left the Galaxy, they were not deemed to have commenced to descend toward the terrestrial bodies. From that they departed, and to that they returned. Until they reached the sign Cancer, they had not left it, and were still Gods. When they reached Leo, they commenced their apprenticeship for their future condition; and when they were at Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, they were furthest removed from human life.

The soul, descending from the celestial limits, where the Zodiac and Galaxy unite, loses its spherical shape, the shape of all Divine Nature, and is lengthened into a cone, as a point is lengthened into a line; and then, an indivisible monad before, it divides itself and becomes a dead–that is, unity becomes division, disturbance, and conflict. Then it begins to experience the disorder which reigns in matter, to which it unites itself, becoming, as it were, intoxicated by draughts of grosser matter: of which inebriation the cup of Bakchos, between Cancer and Leo, is a symbol. It is for them the cup of forgetfulness. They assemble, says Plato, in the fields of oblivion, to drink there the water of the river Ameles, which causes men to forget everything.

This fiction is also found in Virgil. “If souls,” says Macrobius, “carried with them into the bodies they occupy all the knowledge which they had acquired of divine things, during their sojourn in the Heavens, men would not differ in opinion as to the Deity; but some of them forget more, and some less, of that which they had learned.”

Dragged down by the heaviness produced by this inebriating draught, the soul falls along the zodiac and the milky way to the lower spheres, and in its descent not only takes, in each sphere, a new envelope of the material composing the luminous bodies of the planets, but receives there the different faculties which it is to exercise while it inhabits the body.

In Saturn, it acquires the power of reasoning and intelligence, or what is termed the logical and contemplative faculty. From Jupiter it receives the power of action. Mars gives it valor, enterprise, and impetuosity. From the Sun it receives the senses and imagination, which produce sensation, perception, and thought. Venus inspires it with desires. Mercury gives it the faculty of expressing and enunciating what it thinks and feels. And, on entering the sphere of the Moon, it acquires the force of generation and growth. This lunary sphere, lowest and basest to divine bodies, is first and highest to terrestrial bodies. And the lunary body there assumed by the soul, while, as it were, the sediment of celestial matter, is also the first substance of animal matter.

The celestial bodies, Heaven, the Stars, and the other Divine elements, ever aspire to rise. The soul reaching the region which mortality inhabits, tends toward terrestrial bodies, and is deemed to die. Let no one, says Macrobius, be surprised that we so frequently speak of the death of this soul, which yet we call immortal. It is neither annulled nor destroyed by such death: but merely enfeebled for a time; and does not thereby forfeit its prerogative of immortality; for afterward, freed from the body, when it has been purified from the vice-stains contracted during that connection, it is re-established in all its privileges, and returns to the luminous abode of its immortality.

On its return, it restores to each sphere through which it ascends, the passions and earthly faculties received from them: to the Moon, the faculty of increase and diminution of the body; to Mercury, fraud, the architect of evils; to Venus, the seductive love of pleasure; to the Sun, the passion for greatness and empire; to Mars, audacity and temerity; to Jupiter, avarice; and to Saturn, falsehood and deceit: and at last, relieved of all, it enters naked and pure into the eighth sphere or highest Heaven.

All this agrees with the doctrine of Plato, that the soul cannot re-enter into Heaven, until the revolutions of the Universe shall have restored it to its primitive condition, and purified it from the effects of its contact with the four elements.” …From Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike.


Macrocosm and the Microcosm

Man is composed of Body, Soul and Spirit. The body is formed from the material world, the spirit from the Divine World of God, and Soul  from  Celestial World that dwells in the body.

To further explained the mystery, the ancient philosophers spoke of the Macrocosm consists of the created Universe, the Sun, Moon, Planets , Stars. while Microcosm was the soul of man influenced  by the heavenly bodies.


My Natal Chart

Astrologers calculate the location of the stars and planets based on the time and day of birth in the form of a sphere indicating the constellations and position of the luminaries. The outer ring is composed of the 12 zodiac signs using the glyphs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The inner wheel is the 12 zodiacal houses with planet symbols and  degrees; numbered 1 to 12 starting from the east or the left side generally called ascendant. The middle circle shows the relation of the planets with respect to each other. As regard to elements and modality, these are specifics necessary to analyze the alchemical elements of the body and soul- the macrocosm and microcosm.



Planets          Zodiac               House          Elements           Modality

Ascendant    Sagittarius          1                 Fire                     Mutable

Sun                 Sagittarius          1                  Fire                    Mutable

Moon             Libra                    x1                 Air                      Cardinal

Mars              Aquarius             111                Air                      Fixed

Venus            Aquarius             11                 Air                      Fixed

Mercury        Sagittarius         x11               Fire                    Mutable

Jupiter           Taurus                v1                 Earth                 Fixed

Saturn           Libra                    x1                 Air                      Cardinal

Neptune       Libra                    x1                 Air                      Cardinal

Uranus          Cancer                v111             Water                Cardinal

Pluto              Leo                        1x               Fire                    Fixed

North Node  Aquarius            111               Air                      Fixed

There are corresponding meaning appertaining to the influences of the planets and fixed stars like star sirius, arcturus, etc which are quite long to detail the effects of its transit and progression.

By mere looking at the vitasphere,  and if someone understands the elements of nature, the location of these celestial bodies is a path to determine one’s character and the destiny related to it.

So mote it be.