Chinese 4 Pillars of Destiny and Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart – Chinese Astrology Dec 12, 1952 5:am


Your Lucky Element

Time Zone: PST City Longitude: -120 Gender: Male
Birthday: Friday, December 12, 1952   Birth Time: 5:0.
Astrology Birthday is December 12, 1952. Astrology Birth Time is 4:59.

The following is your birth chart. You are Black Dragon, born in the year of Black Dragon. The first character in DAY represents you. So you are equivalent to Water.

Hour (kids) Day (you) Month (parents) Year (ancestor)
Male WaterMale Water
Male Water
Male WaterMale Water
Male Water
Male WaterMale Water
Male Water
Male WaterMale Water
Male Water
Black Tiger
Black Dragon
Black Rat
Black Dragon

Your birth chart was generated using the Chinese Stem-Branch Calendar system. The Stems, upper row in the chart, are Five Elements which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The Branches, lower row in the chart, are 12 animal names which are related to Five Elements. The following Five Elements distribution chart is produced from your birth chart.

Five Elements Water
Water (you)
Wood (kids)
Fire (money)
Earth (job)
Metal (mom)
Total 372 96 3 32 0






Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

 Children 46-55  Spouse 56-65  Brothers 66-75  Self 56-65
Tian Fu
Tian Yue
Tian Xi
Huo Xing
6 Si Court 2,6
Tian Tong
Tai Yin
Tian Xing
7 Wu Court 3,7
Wu Qu (Hua Ji)
Tan Lang
Wen Chang
Wen Qu
8 Wei Court 4,8
Tai Yang
Ju Men
Di Kong
9 Shen Court 5,9
 Wealth 36-45
Birth Data: 1952 / 12 / 12 0500-0700 hr
Birth Year: 9Ren 5Chen
Birth Month: 10
Birth Day: 26
Birth Hour: 4Mao
Sex: Male
Element: 5 Earth
Major Stars
Minor Stars
 Parents 66-75
5 Chen Court 1,5
Tian Xiang
10 You Court 6,10
 Health 26-35  Karma 76-85
Lian Zhen
Puo Jun
Tian Kui
4 Mao Court 10,4
Tian Ji
Tian Liang (Hua Lu)
Tuo Luo
Tian Yao
11 Xu Court 7,11
 Travel 16-25  Peers 06-15  Career 96-05  Property 86-95
Tian Ma
Di Jie
3 Yin Court 9,3
Zuo Fu (Hua Ke)
You Bi
Ling Xing
2 Chou Court 10,2
Qing Yang
1 Zi Court 9,1
Zi Wei (Hua Quan)Qi Sha
Lu Cun
Hong Luan
12 Hai Court 8,12

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