My Alchemical Quest for Immortality


Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Its practitioners mainly sought to turn lead into gold, a quest that has captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years.

Alchemy was based on the belief that there are four basic elements in nature: air, fire, water, and earth. Alchemists based their theories and experiments on the Aristotelian assumption that the world and everything in it is composed of four basic elements (air, earth, fire, and water), along with three that were called “essential” substances: salt, mercury, and sulfur. Today we know that the universe is made up of atoms and elements. Since lead and other metals are not composed of fire, air, earth, and water, it’s not possible to adjust the percentages of those elements and turn them into gold.

It is by proper arrangement of mineral substance can transform base metal into gold, the ultimate goal of the alchemist. But before one can be successful he has to transform itself.

“The word alchemy is thought to derive from an Egyptian word, ‘chem’ or ‘qem,’ meaning black — a reference to the black alluvial soils bordering the Nile … We know that the Greek word ‘chyma,’ meaning to fuse or cast metals, established itself in Arabic as ‘al kimia’ — from which alchemy is derived.” The Arabic role in the spread of alchemy is significant; many books on alchemy were translated into Arabic from the Greek before being introduced to European audiences.

Alchemical Ormus

Ormus is White Powder Gold, also called Ormus or even elixir of life, causes a change in the body. It creates a transmutation in the cellular structure, which affects the light that the cell contains.  Ormus can come from ocean water, river water, soil and volcanic ash, the skins and seeds of raw fruits and vegetables, and also from the platinum group metals themselves.

Now Alchemy Ormus is different from the rest in that while most Ormus is just the oceanic extract, Now Alchemy Ormus is the combination of both Monatomic Gold and Ormus extracted from two oceanic sources; the Dead Sea and the Himalayan Sea. This gives our Ormus it’s subtle yet powerful quality. Ormus has been called nourishment for the light body as well as, “The food of the Gods”. It raises your vibration by nourishing your light body. The physical body, as a manifestation of the light body, responds to this nourishment in a vast range of healthy, beneficial ways, depending on the individual needs of those using the Ormus. In this way, Ormus is like “Liquid Yoga”. People call it “The food of the Gods” because it activates and opens your third eye, scientifically known as the Pineal Gland. This increases psychic, telepathic, empathic and clairvoyant abilities. In raising your vibration, Ormus makes you less susceptible to lower vibrational thoughts such as worry, grief, fear, jealousy, and lack.

You should use Ormus on a daily basis. It is more important now than ever that Ormus is used as a daily addition to one’s nutritional regimen because soil no longer contains Ormus like it used to. Nor do the foods we eat, or the water we drink. Give Ormus some time to work. You can put it in your water, or even in your food. It should be used daily and as above so below, your external environment will begin to shift to match the increase in vibration of your internal environment. 

The first documented use of Ormus dates back to Lemuria, where it was made by the high priests and fed to the Kings who lived far beyond what would be considered a normal human life expectancy. Then a similar process is documented throughout Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. King Solomon also made Ormus in 950 BC.

Ormus is an alchemically collected 4th dimensional substance that occurs in nature. The term Ormus comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements and was coined by David Hudson, a farmer who discovered this substance’s vibrational characteristics in his soil and invested millions of dollars into research concluding that an element can exist in its Ormus state, i.e. Ormus Gold, Ormus Silver, Ormus Copper, Ormus Palladium, ect. Ormus elements can be of metals, such as gold, but they do not exist in their metal state, which would be toxic to the body, but rather in their m-state form, which is bio-available and actually magnificently beneficial to the body in numerous regenerative ways, all pertaining specifically to that element. David Hudson’s research further concluded that the Ormus substances are not technically monatomic, but similar in that they do not exist in large clusters such as mineral forms of these elements do. Rather than micro-clusters of metal to metal bonds Ormus elements exist in a cooper paring relationship. an Ormus element is a super-conducting element in a class all on it’s own, separate from the periodic table. This is a high-spin state of elements and has more accurately been termed, m-state elements, but still widely referred to as Ormus, or monatomic elements.

It is by this description that I begin to search for the alchemical material in a simple procedure to produce it. I searched the internet and was able to procure the required raw material for the operation.

January 2019

Ormus Procedure from web

  1. First, make some lye solution. Get food grade Lye granules and mix 1/2 cup per quart of distilled water (or 2 cups per gallon). Make sure to always add the lye to the water, not the water to the lye! Also, do under the fume hood of your stove or outside – you do not want to breathe in the fumes. Wear protective gloves and goggles. Stir well as you are adding the granules and add slowly. The solution will be cloudy at first and will heat up. As it cools, the solution will become clear again and look just like water. Once cooled, put in an HDPE plastic container, preferably with a dropper top and label as 1:8 lye solution. You want to always use good plastic or glass, never metal. (Sodium carbonate can and should be substituted as a food-safe alternative… regular baking soda can be baked in an oven on max heat/cleaning cycle for one hour to evaporate the bi from the carbonate which leaves you with sodium carbonate/caustic soda/washing soda)
  2. Next, you are going to rehydrate your

dead sea salts. Add 1/2 cup of dead sea salts to 1 quart distilled water. I use a liter sized plastic measuring bowl that has a pour lip on it (got it at the Dollar Tree). Because I need to leave room for lye and stirring, I will often fill this liter-sized bowl to 750 ml and add a little less than 1/2 cup DSS and this works good for me. Stir well until salts dissolve.

  1. Filter your dead sea water using coffee filters. This is to filter out any rocks or shells that may have been mixed in with the salt crystals.
  2. Now you are ready to do your precipitation. Put your pH meter probe in the salt water and leave there and on the whole time. Start stirring, your starting pH will vary but should be around 7.5 – 8.5.
  3. Stirring continuously, start adding the lye solution you made up a small squirt at a time. Wait for pH to stabilize before adding more. Then add some more. Keep doing this. At some point, you will notice that you are adding lye but the pH is not going up as fast anymore. This is a plateau and is where you are making most of your ormus. Keep adding squirt by squirt and keep stirring. Eventually your pH will start to jump up again. Once you see that jump, slow down and start adding the lye a drop or two at a time. The pH will probably be around 10.2 but this will vary as well. Just keep stirring and dropping in the lye solution. You will see the pH jump up then fall down back to where it was – just keep going slowly and with patience. Do not let pH ever jump over 10.78, and I usually stop when pH is holding at 10.6. You will get a feel for how much you can add at a time and how fast. You should have been stirring the whole time but if you get tired, stir in well your last drop of lye then you can stop and rest for a minute or two, then start stirring again

before resuming the lye. You want to avoid having localized areas of high pH spikes – hence the constant stirring. Whole precip time will run around 30 minutes. Again this can vary but in general 25-30 minutes.

  1. Once you have reached your target pH, allow the precipitate to settle. I let sit for at least 24 hours in a dark faraday cage
  2. Now you should have about 350 ml of fluffy white precip (amount will vary) on the bottom topped with clear water. You are going to slowly, steadily, and carefully pour off or siphon the top water while disturbing the precip as little as possible. Best tip I can give you is not to start pouring and then jerk back – keep it constant and steady. If you slosh it around, you will need to allow the precip to settle again. Now you are going to wash your precip. You can do it one of two ways, depending on how many days

you want to spend doing this step. You can do 3 washes, where you add 1:1 ratio of distilled water to your precip (ex: you have 350 ml precip so add 350 ml distilled water to it) and allow to settle for about 24-48 hours. Do this 3 times. Or you can add 3:1 distilled water (ex: you have 350 ml precip, so add 1050 ml distilled water to it) and let settle for at least 48 hours. If you use a measured washing container, then you will know when the precip has settled to its original 350 ml. I prefer the first method but takes more time, but convenient if you do everything in your original liter-sized measuring bowl. Also note that doing the wash 3 times (the first method) will result in manna that is less salty than if you do a 3-to-1 wash. Unless you plan to ship your manna (in which case salty is protective), then how salty your manna should be is a personal preference. In general, the more you

wash, the less salty it will be.

  1. Now that your precip has been washed, pour off the top water as before leaving behind the precip. It is now ready to be “dosed.” Just add 1:1 ratio of distilled water, stir well, and bottle it in whatever you want (plastic or glass, no metal) and it is ready for ingestion. Recommend 1/2 to 1 tsp per day on an empty stomach to start and then adjust according to your intuition and reactions. Store in a cool, dark place way from EMF.

A few notes: Do whole procedure away from EMF and away from UV light (sunlight). Be careful with the lye, especially initially when it is at full concentration. Even when it is diluted 1:8, you still want to wash your skin in cold water if you spill some on yourself (you can tell because your skin will feel slick) and absolutely keep it out of your eyes!

If you want to make Ormus from Celtic Sea salt or other live salt/saltwater, you must boil it first, then filter it. You may not get as much precipitate, so you can dissolve as much as 2 cups per gallon of water at a time and boil covered for 10-15 minutes over fire – gas or propane stove (not electric because generates EMF). Filter like with the Dead Sea salt, and then follow the same directions above as with the Dead Sea salt.

Another Procedure from Blog

You shouldn’t buy ormus from strangers, besides, they charge a fortune for probably a more inferior product then what you or I can make… you should make it, because it’s cheap and easy, and this stimulates creativity and brings your spirit in to play, you imprint your own vibes into it as well… you only need to buy dead sea salt , coffee filters, and baking soda… reconstitute one cup of dead sea salt in 1L of good water, then filter it through a four stack of coffee filters, take half a box of baking soda and put it in an oven safe dish, then place into the oven on max heat/cleaning cycle for two hours, after one hour stir the baking soda around to expose more surface area… when it’s been two hours shut off heat and let it cool to room temp…. congratulations, you have just converted sodium bicarbonate into sodium carbonate by evaporating the bi from the carb… sodium carbonate is also known as washing soda or caustic soda and this means it’s a base and alkaline (the opposite of an acid with 7.1 – 14 ph…acids are 6.9 – 0.1 ph… 7 is neutral.) with a ph of around 11-12, as opposed to regular baking soda which has a ph of 8… it’s great for cleaning too, if you get it on your fingers it’s slick like soap (lye is used to make soap along with jews too!!. , and careful of splashes in eyes, cold water rinse or have vinager near by for defence… next, you want to take another 1L of good water and add as much of your freshly made washing soda to it as it will take, this means add soda to the water until it won’t dissolve anymore (usually around 10g/100ml), filter the basic water in a four stack of coffee filters so there’s no solids or undissolved particles…this is your basic solution and it has a ph of around 11-12… now, you should have two seperate crystal clear solutions of 1L of salt water, and 1L of basic water, observe how they are both transparent and nothing is contained within, make sure your salt water solution is in a 2L+ preferably glass (you should always use glass for everything) container, and then you want to stir it real good, get a fast and deep vortex going, and then take your 1L basic solution and pour it all into the spinning salt water…. f’n awesome you’ll say, and pure magic is what you’ll observe next as your clear liquid explodes (it doesn’t literally explode, the color change does!) into a white snow, or the “semen of God” that starts a blizzard in your jar… that’s your ormus dropping out, congratulations you’re an alchemist, and my brother/sister in the craft now!…

Give the ormus a good stir the other way, then cover and let it settle away from major electromagnetic fields, ideally in a Faraday cage or steel cookie can or something like that, and put in a cool dark place too… I wrap all my ormus and monatomics in five to ten wraps of tin foil as well, plus I write positive messages on post it notes and place the notes facing the ormus against the glass with the tinfoil wrapped around… this is based on that Dr emotos research about programming water with love/positive vibrations…I do a bunch of other stuff to my ormus like charging the waters four different ways, dropping ormus when astrological signs are strongest, meditation, smudging and purifying myself and house before, only listen to 432 tuned music while making it etc etc… I do sell ormus and monatomics, along with other subtle energy devices and systems!!. (my company’s name is subtle energy systems Ltd!)…any-hoo, nuff plugin my set… so after you mixed the two parts and stirred real nice both ways, then protected and hidden it, leave it for 12 hours, come back, then you will observe two parts to your solution, the ormus is the white stuff on the bottom, the salt water is the clear top water, you want to siphon off that top water without disturbing your ormus too much, that water is waste, drain it, now observe how much ormus is there and then add approximately twice that amount of fresh clean water to your ormus and then stir real good both ways (always stir both ways to balance… spinning counterclockwise pulls from the zero point, the other way pushes into it.)…what you are doing is washing the saline out of the ormus… cover and let rest again for 12 hours, then siphon off the top water and taste 2mls of your ormus, if it’s too salty for you wash it again… don’t forget this is the ocean, it’s going to taste like it, minus the salt of course, but still, it’s good to put it your juice or tea… it shouldn’t be fishy though, it almost seems like it might because it’s the ocean, but there should be no distinct fish flavor… and fyi the salt helps the ormus hide out from the electromagnetic fields… when I ship through the mail I leave most of the salt in to protect my product… the customer can wash it out if they wish.


So, voila, you now have yourself a high alkaline bioavailable naturally sourced trace mineral and Ormus supplement that’s also food safe because you used baking soda instead of lye… every morning take 15-30ml (maybe more maybe less) of it before breakfast… you might need to take a magnesium supplement for the first month until your body gets use to the hydroxide form of it… some people get a small pain in their back, which is fixed by taking magnesium, it goes away in thirty days by itself, but you’re going to be having so much other better things happening to you, you won’t care about a little back pain!… energy, clarity of thought, overall brain functioning are just a few things you will notice right away within one month… I promise you won’t regret reading and heeding these words here… give ormus to your plants, 1 part ormus to 20 parts water, to make them stronger for when you come (or don’t as the case may be!!..) looking to kill them!..

And give it to your kitties and animal friends too… 2mls twice a week worked for my wittle kittie and should be the standard for lesser forms (animals)… and give it to your kids at half your dose, every two days…


Seriously though, the ormus, give it to your friends and family too, it’s good for all…

What I just described here is “the poor mans, I’m not a science knower ormus recipe”… this is, if the lights go out, end of the world kind of ormus… you can actually use wood ashes and water to make your basic solution, this is how the ancients made lye… and you can use ocean water, or any other kind of salt and even certain mineral or rock based source materials contain ormus… Himalayan salt is awesome for ormus!…I make a special and amazing equal combination Himalayan/dead sea/great salt lake ormus!… the inland C-mix I call it… it has over 100 trace minerals and metals as monatomics, where the dead sea is high in Mgold, the great salt lake is high in Mplatinum, Miridium, Mrhodium, and the Himalayan has Mruthenium, and Mpalladium… here’s:







Purple Star

Gab Ziwei

   My Ziwei Dou Shu Chart and its Analysis

Ming or Destiny Palace


..From Wikipedia

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) is a form of fortune-telling in Chinese culture. It remains one of the most well-respected[1] processes for laying out “The Destiny Path” or “Fate”.

  • Zi Wei (紫薇) – purple Rosa multiflora(薔薇), also known as Baby Rose, Rambler Rose. In the astrological world, this majestic color is related to spiritual aspiration. 微 is used for 薇 in ancient/simplifed Chinese writing. Noble rose referred to the North Star, the most prominent star in the sky.
  • Dou (斗) – 北斗星 Big Dipper constellation, North Star, Pole star. A prominent star that is approximately aligned with the Earth’s axis of rotation. It is used as the coordinate to chart the sky.
  • Shu (数) – calculation.

Zi Wei Dou Shu was created by a Taoist named Lu Chun Yang (呂純陽) during the Tang Dynasty. It was further developed by Chen Xi Yi (陳希夷) during the Song Dynasty and later on by Luo Hong Xian (羅洪先) during the Ming Dynasty to its present-day form.[2] Its exact origin, however, is still debated among the different schools, and should not be taken as a guaranteed historical context.

Chinese Astrology has always been closely intertwined with Astronomy. Gifted astronomers and astrologers were recruited as officials to work in Imperial Courts during the dynastic eras. In those days most astrological charts were crafted solely for the emperor, as his personal fate had a direct bearing on his kingdom. The court astrologers also played an important role in determining the successor to the throne.

Astrologers observed the stars and noticed that among so many stars, only one was seemingly stationary while the rest revolved around it. This star was named the “Emperor Star” (紫微星)–the celestial equivalent of the Emperor and known in the West as Polaris.

The 12 Palaces, or Shí Èr Gōng (十二宫) are arranged and plotted in an anti-clockwise rotation.

  1. Self Palace (命宮)
  2. Siblings Palace (兄弟宮)
  3. Spouse Palace (夫妻宮)
  4. Children Palace (子女宮)
  5. Wealth Palace (財帛宮)
  6. Health Palace (疾厄宮)
  7. Travel Palace (遷移宮)
  8. Friends Palace, or Subordinate Palace (交友宮)
  9. Career Palace (官祿宮)
  10. Property Palace (田宅宮)
  11. Mental Palace, or Karma Palace, Ancestor Palace (福德宮)
  12. Parents Palace (父母宮)

The 14 Major Stars:[4][5]

  1. Ziwei (The Emperor, or The Purple Star): associated with Yin Earth, the leader – organizator, the senior, the monarch, stable development, benevolence, neutrality, wisdom, obligations, human society, power, position, material wealth, the capacity of healing and rescuing.
  2. Tianji (The Advisor, Heavenly Machine or Heavenly Secret): associated with Yin Wood, the assistant, the strategist, the clerk, siblings, intelligence, strategy, manipulation, goodness.
  3. Taiyang (The Sun): associated with Yang Fire, the leader of men, the senior, the male (father-husband-son), the mass, mass development, masculine characteristics, directness, vision, self-sacrifice, universal love, ideal, nature, power, fame, the capacity of giving.
  4. Wuqu (The Finance Minister or the Military Bureaucrat, Martial Tune): associated with Yin Metal, the assistant, the short term planner, the merchant, the worker, the lonely, craftiness, inner strength, caution, rigidity, decisiveness, wealth, industry.
  5. Tianfu (The Empress or the Viceroy, Heavenly Mansion): associated with Yang Earth, the senior, the monarch or high official, background leadership, stability, benevolence, conservativeness, human society, material wealth, position, power, the capacity of consolidating.
  6. Tiantong (The Lucky Star, Pleasure Seeker, Child): associated with Yang Water, the junior, mercuriality, natural kindness, pleasure, laziness, good fortune
  7. Lianzhen (The Judge, Young Female): associated with Yin Fire, the virgin, the judge, the lawyer, the witch, the courtesan, strictness, chastity, wickedness, double-facedness, prison, harem, justice, abominable accidents, punishment, love, humour, poverty
  8. Taiyin (The Moon): associated with Yin Water, the female or feminine leader, the manipulator, the senior, the female (mother-wife-daughter), inner or passive development, retrospective development, feminine characteristics, subtlety, feminine or maternal love, maternal sacrifice, selfishness, extravagance, ideal, arts, nature, material wealth, real estate, cleanness, the capacity of receiving and spending.
  9. Tanlang (The Greedy Wolf): associated with Yang Wood and Yin Water, the hunter, extravagant people, the priest, sex, deviousness, libido, selfish desires, riskiness, prison
  10. Jumen (The Advocate, The Big Gate, The Mouth): associated with Yin Water, the lawyer, the parliament, singers, quarrel, betrayal, notoriety, frankness, secret, bad luck, prison
  11. Tianxiang (The Prime Minister, Keeper of the Seal): associated with Yang Water, the high-ranked assistant, delegates or representatives, high offices, benevolence, generosity, stability, loyalty
  12. Tianliang (The Sage, Heavenly Beam or Heavenly Bridge): associated with Yang Earth and Yang Wood, the teacher, the scholar, the rules, benevolence, generosity, toleration, forgiveness, education, wisdom
  13. Qisha (The Field Marshal, Seven Kills): associated with Yin Metal and Yang Fire, the military leader, quick temper, heroicism, directness, pain and labour, danger, loyalty, exception
  14. Pojun (The Army, Star of Destruction): associated with Yin Water, military leaders, betrayal, craftiness, waste, destruction, changes



My Birth Chart and Interpretation

gab chart in astrolibrary

Planets and Points in The Signs

Sun in Sagittarius 19°  47′ 17″

You tend to be idealistic, optimistic, dependable, open-minded, friendly, honest and versatile. But, you can also be tactless, irresponsible, showy, boastful, self-righteous, arrogant, quarrelsome, fanatical, dogmatic and dictatorial. You like any work where foresight and a willingness to take a chance is offered, while at the same time, you try to avoid detailed work.

You are usually outspoken, sometimes to the point of bluntness. Simply blurting out your ideas and opinions is due to your never-ending search for truth and wisdom. Others think you are pretty tactless and the statement that “truth hurts” fits your way of thinking. Regardless of your undiplomatic remarks, others instinctively feel as if you mean them no real harm and are only interested in raising their consciousness.

You love the outdoors, large animals, nature and sports. Some Sagittarius people have reckless gambling tendencies and will bet it all on the drop of a hat. Travel and even long walks appeal to you because they make you feel free – and you need to feel free.

You are philosophical and you want to understand the deeper issues and abstractions of life. You have a certain faith in higher things that generally always keeps you of an optimistic bent, no matter what difficulties are currently besetting you. You want to understand the meaning of life. This helps to keep you growing and expanding, which is something you need to do. This desire for expansion can cause you to overextend yourself with too many activities and to use up your energy too rapidly. You need to take intervals of rest to recuperate between projects.

You need to learn how to concentrate on your current projects and stick with them to the end. Always full of enthusiasm, you tend to show it more at the start of new endeavors, then it tends to lessen as the project goes along and gets stuck in details, or the going gets a little rough, or it simply gets a little boring.

Although you are ordinarily healthy, you can run into trouble due to overindulgence in food and drink.

You are known for your friendliness, helpfulness and subtle humor. You are a good conversationalist and enjoy debating merely for the sake of debating. You have a real gift for making friends and the typical Sagittarius can go anywhere in the world without ever feeling lonely, for you acquire friends along the route. You have humanitarian instincts and are practical in expressing them. You will tend to help anyone who is in need. Other people can usually depend on your loyalty and honesty, for there is nothing devious or manipulative in your nature.

You are extremely independent and restless, with a real need for personal freedom. You can experience claustrophobia, either physical or emotional. This is why you are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. In love, you are highly romantic, but you need your partner to be intelligent and communicative. You hate jealousy and possessiveness on the part of your partner, especially since you are fond of flirting. You enjoy the chase more than the capture.

Career wise, you are reluctant to become tied down to a set schedule, so you will experiment with a variety of jobs. You do best in careers that permit you to travel about, either locally or widely. You also like dealing directly with people, either selling or promoting ideas, products, etc.

You may overlook small details, but your overall sense of planning is excellent. You have a good memory. The challenge of a problem is what interests you, for it caters to your enjoyment in exploring the unknown. Playing games comes easily to you and it is the journey they enjoy rather than the destination.

Read more about Sagittarius.

Ascendant in Sagittarius  2°  53′ 11″

People with Sagittarius rising tend to be idealistic, aspiring, enthusiastic, religious or agnostic, interested in far away places and cultures or ideas, physically active, risk-taking, outgoing, breezy, extroverted, philosophical, perhaps dogmatic, prejudiced, superficial, looking for greener pastures, and on-the-go. Sagittarius, the Centaur, is half-human, half-animal and this is perhaps the way you are. You have great aspirations, yet may have a most unruly desire nature. You can shoot for the stars or wallow with the animals. There is love of animals, the outdoors, sports, gambling, adventure, and travel. You may lack concentration. You probably have many acquaintances, but few friends. You tend to have casual contacts rather than in-depth relationships. You have a great restlessness and a love to be on the move. You may always be looking for greener pastures, never stopping or slowing down to see where you really are and what’s around you. You tend to be talkative and direct and to the point. You may be lacking in tact and diplomacy due to your frankness. Ideas are very important to you. You generally like working with the big picture and dislike all the little details. You may promise much and deliver less. You can rise to the heights or sink to the depths. Which will you choose?

Spiritual lesson to learn: Restraint, of all that is given away (and stop procrastinating). Jupiter rules Sagittarius so Jupiter will be important in your chart.

See more about Sagittarius Rising.

Moon in Libra 15°  29′ 17″

You are kind, sympathetic, agreeable, optimistic, fair, and very fond of social pleasures. You are a considerate and thoughtful friend, and have a real flair for making others feel accepted and appreciated. At the same time you probably possess good reasoning powers and the ability to form correct judgments. There is love of art and music with perhaps decided ability as a performer. You have a need for people and relationships. You avoid personal confrontations or any expression of intense, unpleasant behavior or emotion. You strive for peace, harmony, and perfect balance. You feel unsuited for menial physical labor and you hate to get your hands dirty. Your desire to be liked by everyone may cause you to seek peace at any price, thus you can be evasive on issues due to your desire to keep the peace. You can be quite vacillating and indecisive. You are much more at odds with yourself than people would guess by looking at you from the outside. It is sometimes very difficult for you to make up your mind because you see all sides of any issue and you always want to be fair. You must learn to stand up for your principles.

Mercury in Sagittarius  0°  32′ 18″

You possess idealism, vision, and foresight, and your mind is often occupied with big ideas, plans, and goals for the future. You are interested in what is possible and what is on the horizon, rather than what has already been done. Subjects like philosophy, religion, politics, or education interest you, and you are more concerned with theories, abstractions and concepts than with specific applications. You are not inclined to focus on any one practical, concrete area. You don’t particularly like details and may find it difficult to concentrate long enough to carry your ideas through to completion. You seek mental freedom, yet your thoughts are usually along traditional lines. Having a gambling instinct, you may enjoy gambling, speculative enterprises and new ventures. You are forward, blunt and direct in speech and you always speak your mind. People who know you know that you don’t beat around the bush. You are apt to say the first thing that pops into your head. Thus, you have to learn to control your tongue, develop tact, and to think before speaking. Business, advertising, and promotion might be good career areas for you. You have a keen mind and are impulsive and versatile. You have a tendency to study several similar subjects, to have more than one job and to have several projects going all at the same time. You tend to want to keep on the move, traveling, in order to gain experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Venus in Aquarius  1°  18′ 47″

If you have Venus in Aquarius, your affections are expressed in an open, unconventional and rather detached way. Socializing, bringing people together and having many friends and acquaintances very much appeal to you. Because you value friendship so highly, you may be more comfortable being a friend than a lover. One thing’s for sure – you highly dislike possessive, clingy relationships. You want to be free to do whatever you want with whomever you like. You want an intellectual or spiritual connection with your partner and this may even be the preferred substitute over a very intimate or emotional bonding. You need a partner who will give you plenty of freedom, allowing you to be your own person, and not be too demanding emotionally. You are charming, happy and original, but also, cool, calm and detached. This detachment is beneficial because you, as a rule, are never possessive of people or things. The feelings you have tend to be filtered through your mind and intellectualized. You need to learn warmth and understanding. Read more about Venus in Aquarius.

Mars in Aquarius 15°  20′ 17″

Your energies are expressed in unique and original ways. There may be genius shown in the way you go about things. You are inventive, scientific, a bit eccentric, unconventional and perhaps a bit rebellious. Working with others to get things done appeals to you. You enjoy taking part in sociable, group activities and unite with others of similar ideals and persuasions. You are progressive, democratic and you are not concerned with hogging personal power or having authority over others. You are a team player. New and unusual methods of work, planning and technology appeal to you. Your energy levels are usually high, but they can be erratic at times and you may find a tendency to work in spurts. Thus, you can be impatient and inconstant in pursuing your desires. You are intellectual, cautious, independent, freedom-loving and enterprising. You respond well to emergencies. There may be interests in mechanical or scientific subjects. Science fiction may intrigue you. You may need to control a radical or rebellious streak within and remember that in certain cases haste does make waste. On the negative side you can be too aggressive, quarrelsome, contentious and perverse.

Jupiter in Taurus 11°  59′ 37″  Rx

You desire to expand the world around you with practical, tangible, material things. The rewards you expect from your efforts must be material in nature. As a gesture of appreciation, a simple “thank- you” is not as good as some little something in the form of something concrete that you can hold and see. You are generous with your possessions and share freely what you have, but only if the cause merits such action. Your nature tends to be a bit extravagant or self-indulgent and it is up to you to control your desire nature. You may be stubborn in your philosophical or religious beliefs, needing proof of anything before believing. There is a fear of sickness and pain. Money and material possessions can come to you but you must use your resources wisely, else they will get you into trouble. A great love of rich or sweet food may lead you to become overweight. Control of the palate and of the lower nature should be observed.

Saturn in Libra 24°  45′ 06″

You are diplomatic, tactful, and you have balanced judgment which inspires trust. In matters if health there may be urinary problems or trouble with the kidneys. Saturn tends to obstruct the filtering action of the kidneys, allowing toxic elements to stay in the blood stream and intoxicate the body. Drinking distilled rather than spring, mineral or tap water would be better for your kidneys. There is a need for you to cooperate and share in harmony, patience, and love with other people. Marriage or partnerships may be restricting, requiring hard work and discipline so that you may learn the lessons of cooperation rather than competition. Marriage and partnerships give you a sense of security and for that reason you seek them out. You may marry for practical reasons, for money, or to someone a lot older or younger. Various possibilities exist with this position. You may take great trouble to find a mate who is able to demonstrate a similar integrity, and thus marry at a later age than most, or you may choose an older partner or a contemporary who is apt to be austere or undemonstrative. A desire for perfection may make you too demanding in the marriage or your view of marriage may be too conventional or old-fashioned. If Saturn is badly aspected, then you may be cold or regard marriage as a yoke with which you do not care to burden yourself. Or lastly, you may tell yourself that you will never find a partner who will measure up to your requirements.

Uranus in Cancer 17°  34′ 10″  Rx

Neptune in Libra 23°  20′ 40″

Pluto in Leo 23°  11′ 57″  Rx

Chiron in Capricorn 11°  39′ 31″

Black Moon Lilith in Leo 28°  39′ 03″

With Lilith in Leo, you must learn where your creative abilities and your core essence reside. If you do not discover your true self, you may feel driven to seek attention or social recognition, or to act out exaggerated shows in order to make yourself noticed. The personality you express must be authentically yours, and not forced.

If you have Black Moon Lilith in Leo, your love is centered on yourself. Psychologists call it narcissism. Both men and women seek to be honored for their beauty and physical appearance. You can cause disappointments by taking advantage of your partner and by not recognizing your sexual-emotional mistakes.

There is a tendency to lie. If you become unfaithful, you will, out of pride, play the misunderstood victim when you know inwardly that you betrayed your partner.

The repressed sexual impulses focus on “I want.” You may have unspoken internal conflicts. These can overflow and cause you to exercise power and dominion over your partner or children “just because” or, as Aesop said, “because I am the Lion.”

For your Black Moon in Leo to work well:

Look for your own identity, without falling into the world of appearances. Focus your fire on what your passions really are. Do not look so much for recognition from others.

North Node in Aquarius 14°  00′ 09″  Rx

Part of Fortune in Aquarius  7°  11′ 11″

You feel happy noticing the things that surround you, being receptive to all knowledge. You want to know everything about humanity and the Universe, without societal limitations or restrictions. You understand the union of so many different things, knowing that none is worse or better because of their difference.

You are fair. You do not like to make judgments, because that would undermine your own sense of freedom. You remain aloof and impartial with respect to others. This allows you the freedom to explore your own inner awakening.

You never have to follow the paths of others. So, you look for solitude, where you find new ideas. You use the great inventiveness that cosmic forces bestow upon you.

You like to live without any planning. You like to be original. It makes you happy to know you can help another person to feel free. Read more about Part of Fortune in Aquarius.

Vertex in Leo 21°  42′ 45″

Midheaven in Virgo  4°  38′ 11″

Planets and Points in The Houses

Sun in First House

You are important to yourself and will spend much time and energy on your own personal affairs. It’s not that you do not care about others, it is just that you have your work to do and it is very important to you. You want to shine and be noticed for who and what you are. You may want to lead or be in a position of dominance. You are confident, independent and responsible. But watch for tendencies to be power-seeking or dictatorial. Be alert to false pride and try to be more humble. Give proper credit to others for their contributions.

Moon in Eleventh House

Popularity with women often comes with this position. Many of your friends will be female. The feeling of belonging to a group increases your feelings of security. If you feel you do not “belong”, then negative emotions surface that all basically have to do with your own needs for security. Humanitarian projects may be important to you as you can develop your nurturing instincts with or for the group. You enjoy working for the good of the group instead of just your own good. You are responsive to the feelings of others. Concerning vocation: The network of friendships within the work situation is emphasized. Friends may help get the job, make the job rewarding and will probably endure after the job is done. A friend’s advice about work opportunity or direction is perhaps more important than that of a professional counselor.

Mercury in Twelfth House

You have a perceptive, intuitive and subtle mind with an interest in the metaphysical world. You can absorb knowledge intuitively and you understand more than you wish to divulge. You are secretive and have the ability to understand the deeper meanings of tones of voice and hand gestures. Secret enemies may try to undo you or speak evil of you. You may lack confidence in yourself. You may find yourself limited or incapacitated if you allow your nerves to become too frayed. Be careful of your ears and your hearing, which may be weak.

Venus in Second House

You attract money and personal possessions, especially when needed. You spend money as fast as you earn it, sometimes faster. Your hidden talents can be beneficial to others, if you apply yourself. Don’t be afraid to work. Your money is used to buy beautiful, artistic, and/or musical things. You like a certain amount of luxury to surround you. Money may come to you through a partner or relationship.

NOTE: Since Venus is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Venus in Third House

You may be artistic and creative in speech and writing and you express yourself well in either. You have a love of travel, yet your immediate surroundings are probably quite harmonious and comfortable. Relations with neighbors and siblings are probably easy-going and pleasurable. Because you dislike disharmony, you avoid confrontations with people in your immediate environment, hating to rock the boat.

Mars in Third House

You are restless, perhaps high-strung, and probably have an abundance of nervous energy. You have an intense belief in your own ideas. You are alert, determined, and enthusiastic. You possess an abundance of mental energy. Developing analytical thinking is important, as impulsive thinking will bring difficulties. There can be problems with siblings or neighbors. There will be many short journeys. Energy is expended in neighborhood activities.

Jupiter in Sixth House

Jupiter in the 6th House tends to give good health. Any health problems are usually caused by extravagance and over-indulgence, too much of a good thing. You are helpful to others and are a dependable worker with a sense of loyalty. You inspire cooperation and good will among your fellow workers. You enjoy your work and give of your time willingly. Watch that you do not overwork or overindulge in eating or drinking. There could be difficulties in the liver and blood or poor circulation due to over-indulgence.

Saturn in Eleventh House

You have many acquaintances, but only a few close friends, probably older ones. The friendships you make endure for many years. You are attracted to groups which have a serious or necessary purpose. You feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility to the groups you become involved in. The tasks that you do for any groups may receive very little personal recognition and may require hard work. In order to attain your goals and objectives, you have to be patient and willing to work hard. If your lessons are learned, the later part of life will offer greater rewards. You may experience a sense of never fitting in with the people or groups around you because of some perceived uniqueness. In any case there may be issues regarding feeling different from others.

Uranus in Eighth House

You have strong psychic feelings and a keen intuition. You perhaps have unconventional ideas about life, sex and death, which you do not necessarily reveal. The afterlife is a great mystery for you and you may seek to probe for answers. The occult sciences in general may intrigue you. You may experience difficulties through nervous tension. Sudden loss or gain could come about with other people’s resources. There can be an unexpected inheritance or financial gain through unusual sources. Be careful around electricity and machinery. An interest in healing, perhaps through the laying on of hands, attends this position. You may have entertained thoughts of suicide in earlier years. Read more about Uranus in the eighth house.

Neptune in Eleventh House

You are idealistic and interested in the common good. Strong hunches regarding your hopes and wishes are present. Because the influence of Neptune is elusive, there may be difficulty deciding upon your goals. Just dreaming about them will not bring them about. Friends may be weird, wacky, spiritual, unreliable, or deceitful, but probably artistic or of a musical bent. Be careful with some friends as they may not be what they seem. Some may want to introduce you to drugs or alcohol so be objective and clear-headed. Definite, practical and concrete goals with a firm faith in the future are called for. Then your dreams can come true. Read more about Neptune in the eleventh house.

Pluto in Ninth House

You are intuitive and may be clairvoyant. Travel in other dimensions is possible during sleep. There is an inherent interest in religion and philosophy. You want to know why and how. There can be the danger of such total belief in your own ideas that it borders on fanaticism, with total disregard for the thoughts and beliefs of others. Develop tolerance for other’s beliefs. You search for Truth as a starving man looks for food. You want to know everything. Metaphysical experiences are possible and transformation can occur through dreams, long distance travel or philosophical insights and revelations. You can suffer mental strain from studying too intensely. You must control your desire to always be right no matter what.

Chiron in Second House

Black Moon Lilith in Ninth House

North Node in Third House

Part of Fortune in Third House

You are happy to communicate with others. You enjoy being understood, so language and proper use of words are important to you. You try to understand how others think and how they see things, so you can develop a greater perspective in your thinking. Thinking clearly is what will bring you your greatest fulfillment.

Your security is based on thought instead of the material world. Therefore, you like to teach others to think clearly, so they can understand the world around them, and understand all kinds of people. Read more about Part of Fortune in 3rd House.

Vertex in Ninth House



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Sun Sextile Moon (orb 4°18′)

Sun Sextile Mars (orb 4°27′)

Sun Sextile Saturn (orb 4°58′)

Sun Quincunx Uranus (orb 2°13′)

Sun Sextile Neptune (orb 3°33′)

Sun Trine Pluto (orb 3°25′)

Moon Trine Mars (orb 0°9′)

Moon Quincunx Jupiter (orb 3°30′)

Moon Square Uranus (orb 2°5′)

Moon Conjunction Neptune (orb 7°51′)

Moon Square Chiron (orb 3°50′)

Moon Trine North Node (orb 1°29′)

Mercury Sextile Venus (orb 0°46′)

Mercury Square Pluto (orb 7°20′)

Mercury Conjunction Ascendant (orb 2°21′)

Mercury Square Midheaven (orb 4°6′)

Venus Square Saturn (orb 6°34′)

Venus Square Neptune (orb 7°58′)

Venus Sextile Ascendant (orb 1°34′)

Venus Quincunx Midheaven (orb 3°19′)

Mars Square Jupiter (orb 3°21′)

Mars Quincunx Uranus (orb 2°14′)

Mars Opposition Pluto (orb 7°52′)

Mars Conjunction North Node (orb 1°20′)

Jupiter Sextile Uranus (orb 5°35′)

Jupiter Trine Chiron (orb 0°20′)

Jupiter Trine Midheaven (orb 7°21′)

Saturn Square Uranus (orb 7°11′)

Saturn Conjunction Neptune (orb 1°24′)

Saturn Sextile Pluto (orb 1°33′)

Uranus Square Neptune (orb 5°46′)

Neptune Sextile Pluto (orb 0°9′)

Ascendant Square Midheaven (orb 1°45′)

Compare House Systems

gab’s Planets’ and Points’ House Positions By House System
Alcabitius 1 11 12 2 – 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Campanus 1 11 12 2 – 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Equal 1 11 12 2 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9 10
Koch 1 11 12 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Meridian 1 11 12 2 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9 12
Morinus 1 11 12 2 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 2 9 12 9
Placidus 1 11 12 2 – 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Porphyry 1 11 12 2 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Regiomontanus 1 11 12 2 – 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Topocentric 1 11 12 2 – 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 3 3 9
Vehlow 2 11 1 3 3 6 12 8 – 9 12 10 2 10 3 3 10 1 10
Whole Sign 1 11 1 3 3 6 11 8 11 9 2 9 – 10 3 3 9 1 10
gab’s House Cusps
HOUSE SYSTEM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Alcabitius  2°  53′ 11″  2°  29′ 48″  2°  20′ 14″  4°  38′ 11″  5°  01′ 15″  5°  00′ 17″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  29′ 48″  2°  20′ 14″  4°  38′ 11″  5°  01′ 15″  5°  00′ 17″
Campanus  2°  53′ 11″  1°  36′ 24″  2°  25′ 57″  4°  38′ 11″  5°  52′ 23″  4°  57′ 16″  2°  53′ 11″  1°  36′ 24″  2°  25′ 57″  4°  38′ 11″  5°  52′ 23″  4°  57′ 16″
Equal  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″
Koch  2°  53′ 11″  0°  47′ 54″  0°  33′ 37″  4°  38′ 11″  4°  40′ 26″  4°  27′ 01″  2°  53′ 11″  0°  47′ 54″  0°  33′ 37″  4°  38′ 11″  4°  40′ 26″  4°  27′ 01″
Meridian  8°  14′ 53″  5°  57′ 47″  4°  09′ 59″  4°  38′ 11″  7°  04′ 27″  8°  53′ 00″  8°  14′ 53″  5°  57′ 47″  4°  09′ 59″  4°  38′ 11″  7°  04′ 27″  8°  53′ 00″
Morinus  4°  38′ 11″  7°  04′ 27″  8°  53′ 00″  8°  14′ 53″  5°  57′ 47″  4°  09′ 59″  4°  38′ 11″  7°  04′ 27″  8°  53′ 00″  8°  14′ 53″  5°  57′ 47″  4°  09′ 59″
Placidus  2°  53′ 11″  1°  59′ 40″  2°  26′ 41″  4°  38′ 11″  6°  49′ 06″  6°  24′ 07″  2°  53′ 11″  1°  59′ 40″  2°  26′ 41″  4°  38′ 11″  6°  49′ 06″  6°  24′ 07″
Porphyry  2°  53′ 11″  3°  28′ 11″  4°  03′ 11″  4°  38′ 11″  4°  03′ 11″  3°  28′ 11″  2°  53′ 11″  3°  28′ 11″  4°  03′ 11″  4°  38′ 11″  4°  03′ 11″  3°  28′ 11″
Regiomontanus  2°  53′ 11″  0°  48′ 30″  1°  33′ 42″  4°  38′ 11″  6°  41′ 50″  5°  42′ 48″  2°  53′ 11″  0°  48′ 30″  1°  33′ 42″  4°  38′ 11″  6°  41′ 50″  5°  42′ 48″
Topocentric  2°  53′ 11″  1°  59′ 57″  2°  26′ 49″  4°  38′ 11″  6°  49′ 06″  6°  24′ 10″  2°  53′ 11″  1°  59′ 57″  2°  26′ 49″  4°  38′ 11″  6°  49′ 06″  6°  24′ 10″
Vehlow 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″ 17°  53′ 11″
Whole Sign  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″

Pars Fortuna

Pars Fortuna

PARS FORTUNA in the 3rd House Aquarius generated from my birth chart in

If you have Part of Fortune in the third house in your birth chart,

you are happy to communicate with others. You enjoy being understood, so language and proper use of words are important to you. You try to understand how others think and how they see things, so you can develop a greater perspective in your thinking.

Thinking clearly is what will bring you your greatest fulfillment.

Your security is based on thought instead of the material world. Therefore, you like to teach others to think clearly, so they can understand the world around them, and understand all kinds of people.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the third house of your birth chart, the ninth house is the opposite house. The ninth house helps you understand abstract thinking, other people of other nationalities and mentalities, cosmic ideas, and the higher mind. But your fulfillment will come through the lower and concrete mind.

You must learn the difference between the presence of human ideals, and the reality in which they must live and be carried out. By accepting this wisdom and not being strict in your ideals, nor judging those who still do not understand the higher truth, you will gain the trust of those whom you want to teach and with whom you want to communicate.

You do not judge other people, you just try to understand them and get to know them. This helps you accept that which is contrary or different from yourself. You have something important to say without forcing your ideas on anyone, or on those who are not ready to accept them. You learn to have much tolerance.

You also learn to recognize when is the right time to say things. You must give your teachings and knowledge in a detached way, and you will get great satisfaction knowing that you have enlightened another person’s understanding.

You absorb many philosophical and spiritual thoughts through the ninth house. You realize that the greatest truths go beyond the mental barriers that separate people.

You must be fair. You have the ability to see all sides of a situation. Thus, by bringing superior understanding to human relationships, you help all people in your environment get along better and get a better understanding of the different points of view that may exist. This way, the dichotomy of the world and of human thought will not hinder communication between people.

You find your greatest satisfaction and happiness through all the people you get to know and help. When you come to understand all the circumstances and people around you, you acquire a spontaneity and confidence in yourself and in the whole Universe.

Part of Fortune in Aquarius

If you have Part of Fortune in Aquarius in your birth chart, you feel happy noticing the things that surround you, being receptive to all knowledge. You want to know everything about humanity and the Universe, without societal limitations or restrictions. You understand the union of so many different things, knowing that none is worse or better because of their difference.

You are fair. You do not like to make judgments, because that would undermine your own sense of freedom. You remain aloof and impartial with respect to others. This allows you the freedom to explore your own inner awakening.

You never have to follow the paths of others. So, you look for solitude, where you find new ideas. You use the great inventiveness that cosmic forces bestow upon you.

You like to live without any planning. You like to be original. It makes you happy to know you can help another person to feel free.

Leo is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Aquarius. Through Leo, you observe how others try to direct others and try in vain to have control over circumstances, as well as to maintain those principles that give them self-respect. You know that these things, and power, have been abused in today’s world.

It is the love for truth without limiting the spontaneous flow of life, which gives you your greatest satisfaction and joy. You do not like to force any circumstance, or any person. You flow easily through difficult situations because you have the great ability to understand how circumstances have become what they are. Nothing exists in this world that can surprise you.

You like to live as a true free spirit, even trying anything new or futuristic.

You know there is a better future for society, but you should not worry about how it will be achieved. Simply trust that things will be resolved in the best way possible and at the right time.

You must pay more attention to how you express yourself. Do not show off your ego in your knowledge about the Universe. Focus your struggle in search of inner power, over yourself, in addition to outward self-control.

When you accept yourself as a different, unique, and even prophetic being, your soul will begin to unfold in the direction you so desired. You will know that your mind is free to explore all knowledge of the Universe and its human aspects. You will understand that this free acceptance of uniqueness will finally liberate Humanity from the deterioration from its own egocentricity. For that, you can be an example and helper for those who need it.

Your fulfillment and final happiness are not only for you, but for everyone you know and who shares your humanitarian ideals. Sharing common ideals with other people that want to help evolve humanity, makes you maintain a faith in the future.


The Story of Zerubbabel and the York Rite Freemasonry

The story of Zerubbabel in the York Rite Freemasonry

Wine is strong, the King is stronger, women are stronger
But Above All Truth Conquers!

King Darius

Emperor Darius gave a great banquet for all those under him, all the members of his family and staff, all the leading officials of Persia and Media, all his chief officers, administrators, and the governors of the 127 provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia.

When everyone had enough to eat and drink, they left, and Darius went to bed. He fell asleep but soon awoke.

Then the three young men who served Emperor Darius as his personal bodyguard said to one another,

“Let each one of us name the one thing that he considers the strongest thing in the world. The emperor will decide who has given the wisest answer to this question and will give magnificent gifts and prizes to the winner. He will wear royal robes, drink from a gold cup, and sleep in a gold bed. He will have a chariot with gold-studded bridles, wear a fine linen turban, and have a gold necklace.Because of his wisdom he will be an adviser to the emperor and will be given the title “Relative of the Emperor.”

Then each of them wrote down the best answer he could think of, sealed it, and put it under the emperor’s pillow. They said to one another,

“When the emperor wakes up, the statements will be given to him. He and the three leading officials of Persia will decide who gave the wisest answer. The winner will be given the prize on the basis of what he has written.”

The first wrote, “There is nothing stronger than wine.”

The second wrote, “There is nothing stronger than the emperor.”

And the third wrote, “There is nothing stronger than a woman, but truth can conquer anything.”

When the emperor woke up, the written statements were given to him, and he read them.

Then he sent messengers and called together all the leading officials of Persia and Media, including the chief officers, administrators, governors, and commissioners.
He took his seat in the council chamber and had the three statements read aloud.

“Bring in the three young men,” he said, “and let them explain their answers.” So when they were brought in, they were asked to explain what they had written. The bodyguard who had written about the strength of wine spoke first:

“Gentlemen,” he began, “wine is clearly the strongest thing in the world. It confuses the mind of everyone who drinks it.
It has exactly the same effect on everyone: king or orphan, slave or free, rich or poor. It makes every thought happy and carefree, and makes one forget every sorrow and responsibility. It makes everyone feel rich, ignore the power of kings and officials, and talk as if he owned the whole world. When men drink wine, they forget who their friends and neighbors are, and then they are soon drawing their swords to fight them. Then, when they sober up, they don’t remember what they have done. Gentlemen,” he concluded, “if wine makes men act in this way, it certainly must be the strongest thing in the world.”

The bodyguard who had written about the strength of the emperor spoke next.

“Gentlemen,” he began, “nothing in the world is stronger than men, since they rule over land and sea and, in fact, over everything in the world. But the emperor is the strongest of them all; he is their lord and master, and men obey him, no matter what he commands. If he tells them to make war on one another, they do it. If he sends them out against his enemies, they go, even if they have to break down mountains, walls, or towers. They may kill or be killed, but they never disobey the emperor’s orders. If they are victorious, they bring him all their loot and everything else they have taken in battle. 6 Farmers do not go out to war, but even they bring to the emperor a part of everything that they harvest, and they compel one another to pay taxes to the emperor.

Although the emperor is only one man, if he orders people to kill, they kill; if he orders them to set prisoners free, they do it; if he orders them to attack, they do; if he orders destruction, they destroy; if he orders them to build, they build; if he orders crops to be destroyed or fields to be planted, it is done. Everybody, soldier or civilian, obeys the emperor. And when he sits down to eat or drink and then falls asleep, his servants stand guard around him, without being able to go and take care of their own affairs, for they never disobey him.
Gentlemen,” he concluded, “since people obey the emperor like this, certainly nothing in the world is stronger than he is.”

The bodyguard who had written about women and the truth – it was Zerubbabel – spoke last.

“Gentlemen,” he began, “the emperor is certainly powerful, men are numerous, and wine is strong, but who rules and controls them all? It is women! Women gave birth to the emperor and all the men who rule over land and sea.

Women brought them into the world. Women brought up the men who planted the vineyards from which wine comes. Women make the clothes that men wear; women bring honor to men; in fact, without women, men couldn’t live. “Men may accumulate silver or gold or other beautiful things, but if they see a woman with a pretty face or a good figure, they will leave it all to gape and stare, and they will desire her more than their wealth. A man will leave his own father, who brought him up, and leave his own country to get married. He will forget his father, his mother, and his country to spend the rest of his life with his wife.

So you must recognize that women are your masters. Don’t you work and sweat and then take all that you have earned and give it to your wives? A man will take his sword and go out to attack, rob and steal, and sail the seas and rivers. He may have to face lions or travel in the dark, but when he has robbed, stolen, and plundered, he will bring the loot home to the woman he loves. “A man loves his wife more than his parents. Some men are driven out of their minds on account of a woman, and others become slaves for the sake of a woman. Others have been put to death, have ruined their lives, or have committed crimes because of a woman.

So now do you believe me? “The emperor’s power is certainly great – no nation has the courage to attack him. But once I saw him with Apame, his concubine, the daughter of the famous Bartacus. While sitting at the emperor’s right, she took his crown off his head, put it on her own, and then slapped his face with her left hand. All the emperor did was look at her with his mouth open. Whenever she smiles at him, he smiles back; and when she gets angry with him, he flatters her and teases her until she is in a good mood again.

Gentlemen, if women can do all that, surely there can be nothing stronger in the world.” The emperor and his officials just looked at one another. Then Zerubbabel began to speak about truth.

“Yes, gentlemen,” he said, “women are very strong. But think of how big the earth is, how high the sky is; think how fast the sun moves, as it rapidly circles the whole sky in a single day. If the sun can do this, it is certainly great. But truth is greater and stronger than all of these things. Everyone on earth honors truth; heaven praises it; all creation trembles in awe before it.

“There is not the slightest injustice in truth. You will find injustice in wine, the emperor, women, all human beings, in all they do, and in everything else. There is no truth in them; they are unjust and they will perish.  But truth endures and is always strong; it will continue to live and reign forever. Truth shows no partiality or favoritism; it does what is right, rather than what is unjust or evil. Everyone approves what truth does; its decisions are always fair. Truth is strong, royal, powerful, and majestic forever. Let all things praise the God of truth!”

When Zerubbabel had finished speaking, all the people shouted, “Truth is great – there is nothing stronger!”

Then the emperor said to him, “You may ask anything you want, even more than what was agreed, and I will give it to you. You will be my adviser, and you will be granted the title “Relative of the Emperor.’

“Zerubbabel replied, “Your Majesty, permit me to remind you of the solemn vow you took on the day you became emperor. You promised to rebuild Jerusalem and to send back all the treasures that had been taken from the city. Remember that when Cyrus made a vow to destroy Babylon, he set these things aside and solemnly promised to send them back to Jerusalem. You also promised to rebuild the Temple, which the Edomites burned down when the Babylonians devastated the land of Judah.

So, Your Majesty, because you are a man of generosity, I beg you to fulfill the solemn promise you made to the King of heaven.”

Then Emperor Darius stood up, kissed Zerubbabel, and wrote letters for him to all the treasurers, governors, and administrators in the provinces, ordering them to provide safe conduct for him and all those going with him to rebuild Jerusalem. He also wrote letters to all the governors in Greater Syria and Phoenicia, with special instructions to those in Lebanon, to transport cedar logs to Jerusalem and help Zerubbabel rebuild the city. The emperor also provided letters for all the Jews who wished to return to Jerusalem.

These letters guaranteed their freedom and ordered all governors, treasurers, and other administrators not to interfere with them in any way. All the land that they acquired was to be exempt from taxation, and the Edomites were to surrender the villages they had taken from the Jews.

Each year 1,500 pounds of silver would be given for the construction of the Temple until it was finished. 52 In addition, 750 pounds of silver would be given each year to provide for the seventeen burnt offerings to be offered in the Temple each day. All the Jews who left Babylonia to build the city of Jerusalem would be granted their freedom, together with their children and the priests.

The emperor’s orders gave specific instructions, as follows: the priests must be supported, their robes for the Temple service must be provided, the Levites must be supported until the Temple and Jerusalem are completely rebuilt, and land and wages must be provided for all the guards of the city. He also reaffirmed Cyrus’ instructions that all the small utensils and Temple treasures that Cyrus had set aside should be returned to Jerusalem.

Then the young man Zerubbabel left the council chamber, turned toward Jerusalem, looked up to heaven, and praised the King of heaven:

“Lord, all praise belongs to you; you are the source of all victory and wisdom, 60 and I thank you, O Lord of our ancestors, for giving wisdom to me, your servant.”
Zerubbabel took the emperor’s letters and went to Babylon, where he told the other Jews everything that had happened. They praised the God of their ancestors because he had made it possible for them to go and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple which bears his name. For seven days they held a joyful celebration, accompanied by music.

– 1 Esdras 3; 1 Esdras 4

Enter the Inner Court of the Temple

The many challenges of an Initiate before he can reach the inner court of the Temple of Masonry;

A big bird blocking the Light

Ziz Bird

The Ziz is a giant griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology, said to be large enough to be able to block out the sun with its wingspan. It is considered a giant animal/monster corresponding to archetypal creatures. It is said that the Ziz is comparable to the Persian Simurgh, while modern scholars compare the Ziz to the Sumerian Anzû and the Ancient Greek phoenix.


Valley Of Ziz

Ziz Valley

Ziz is the cliff of, the pass by which the horde of Moabites, Ammonites and Mehunim made their way up from the shores of the Dead Sea to the wilderness of Judah near Tekoa. (2 Chronicles 20:16) only; comp. 2Chr 20:20 It was the pass of Ain Jidy


The Key to  the Inner Court of the Temple

key Z


Balustrade, a barrier from curiosity.



 After endeavoring to triumph in all the obstacles, the Initiate can now enter the Sanctuary of the Temple but has to delve himself into Sacred Mysteries.

Nine Star - Inner Court

The Sanctuary of the Temple as described by  Charles T. McClenechan, The Book of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

“The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.” (Morals and Dogma, p.819) Albert Pike, [1871 Morals and Dogma: Council of Kadosh: XXX. Knight Kadosh.


The Three Interlaced Triangles

Nine Ray Face Sun


The symbol of God, Yod


Our Father, who dost rule the heaven and the earth, and all that in them is: Thou who art the Giver of every good and every perfect gift: guide us in our endeavor to combat darkness, and direct the mind and thoughts at the threshold, in the solemn approach to the innermost mysteries of thy holy Temple where we seek for truth, for the full understanding of the divine  lessons contained in thy “Word,” and the final attainment of the  salvation of the soul immortal.

May we feel that the doctrines contained in the new vows we are  about to assume, are worthy of his noblest Masonic thoughts and of  holiest reverence. Aid us, 0 Lord;  to look within our heart— that innermost sanctuary—that may prepare us  to receive the impress of thy Holy Name, which shall be a seal of eternal life. In Thee, 0 Lord! alone resides the power. To Thee be all the glory.  Amen.

 The Ineffable Name of God YHVH

The 72 Names of the Deity

The 3 Verses in Exodus 14, Verse 19 – 21

19 And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them,

20 And it came between the camp of the Egyptian and the camp of Israel, and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

21 And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.




Tetragrammaton, the 72 Syllables



Death and Rebirth Allegory


“Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight
It must have been something you said”
— Cutting Crew

“Death Is Dramatic, depressing, and emotional enough, but sometimes, just for the extra emotional kick-in-the-gut tearjerker”.



The Hidden Meaning of the Eight-Ray Sun and the proposed Ninth Ray of the Philippine Flag

Last June 2018,  Philippine Senator Richard Gordon filed Senate Bill No. 2590 which aimed is to add a ninth ray to the Philippine flag’s sun to represent the Moro people or Filipino Muslims, as well as other indigenous groups for their role against colonization by Spain and America.

Nine Ray Sun.jpg 2

The proposed Nine Ray Sun

While looking at the pattern of the symmetry of the rays, I could not grasp how to start the symmetrical drawing point of the 9 ray sun compared to the 8 rays pattern which has a regular natural axis of the compass. However, this can be done easily by using equilateral triangles inscribed in a circle.

What is the real significance of the rays of the sun on the Philippine Flag?

old flag

This flag, now kept at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum was captured by the Americans during the period 1898-1902.

Many historians have written about the Philippine Flag particularly the symbolism of the luminaries depicted unto it, the Masonic triangle and its colors as designed by President  Emilio F. Aguinaldo and sewn by Marcella Agoncillo.

Unknown to many Filipinos, there is a hidden meaning behind the symbolic three stars and the eight-ray sun of the flag which are embedded in the Masonic philosophy of the belief and teaching of the Filipino Masons during that Spanish period, although categorically written by many historians as the first eight provinces that revolted against the colonizers.

“The eight-rayed sun symbolizes the first eight provinces (Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija) that revolted against the Spanish colonial government. The three five-pointed stars represent the three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.”

Aguinaldo like all the Katipuneros were masons under the Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas auspices of Supremo Consejo del Grado 33 para Filipinas, a  Lodge formed by the Filipino masons,  descendants of Gran Oriente Espanol, the oldest traditional Masonic body in Spain where our national hero Jose Rizal together with other patriots were  members of the fraternity.

The three five-pointed stars represent the 3 lights of the lodge, the master, senior and junior wardens while the triangle at the center wherein the altar is situated, traced the Blazing Star of Masons sometimes represented by the 8 ray sun or the 5 pointed stars. This triangular pattern is similar to the Masonic apron.

phil flag



surya majapahit

Surya Majapahit

Majapahit Empire 1293- 1520 CIRCA

Majapahit was an archipelagic empire based on the island of Java from 1293 to around 1500. Majapahit reached its peak of glory during the era of Hayam Wuruk, whose reign from 1350 to 1389 marked by the conquest of kingdoms in Maritime Southeast Asia (including present-day Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, and the Philippines)

While it is common  practice for kingdom in different regions of the world  to worship the stars, moon or sun and adapting its emblem  to gain prosperity or approval from the Gods of their belief, the Filipino flag  emblem  took the form of an eight-pointed sun ray with the rounded part in the center depicting a sun with face . The emblem might have taken the form of a cosmological diagram haloed by typical “Surya Majapahit” sun rays or a simple circle with typical sun rays.

The eight rays sun Surya is an emblem of Ancient Majapahit Empire, which some of the rajanates of the Philippines Islands, named Selurong, Lusong, Mayi, Butwan, Shrivaya,  were part of the Kingdom  Majapahit located in Eastern Java.

The eight-pointed star is found in every culture Mayan, Hindu Temples, Egyptian, Sumerian, Assyrian civilization.


8 pointed star of the Anunnaki

8 pointed star of the Anunnaki

star of babylon

Star of Babylon

The Seal of Shamash is a representation of the ancient Assyrian / Mesopotamian sun god of the same name. Also described as an eight-pointed star, this solar symbol is thought to represent the solar calendar, or Sun Wheel, with the four arms associated with the solstices and equinoxes that were key calendar days.


native american star

Ancient Lemuria or the lost continent of Mu  Lemuria, or Mu,  Native American 8 pointed star


The insignia of the Order of Lakandula contains an inscription with Baybayin characters represents the name Lakandula.


The Nine Ray Sun or  9 Pointed Star  on the 3 Interlaced Triangles, the ultimate symbol of the Supreme Being


brunnian link

The Brunnian link – A version of this figure is found in the sixth century Marundheeswarar Temple in Thiruvanmayur, South Chennai, India, which is associated with the goddess Tripurasundari.


Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite


AssR 1

A nine-sided star formed by three interlaced triangles called a Nonagon or Nonagram, with a Gold Sun at the center, surrounded by an Ouroboros.

AssR 2

AssR 3.jpg

In the case of the Yod replacing the Golden Sun, we realize that one of the things these two Symbols have in common is the number Ten.  Yod is the Tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and is assigned that number for those that study Gematria…


The Jewel of the 33 Degree SGIG Scottish Rite Freemasons


SGIG 33rd-degree-mason

AssR 5

The Mother of all Masonic Symbols… the “Grand Decoration” of the Order.

The Roman Numeral “X” or Ten/Gold is shown as a Teutonic Cross and Crossed swords. Lead has been turned into Gold. Two Ouroboros encircle the center.

A Teutonic Cross contains within it the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz revealing the Pillar of Beauty.

The Union of Trinities is now all balanced while the Double Eagle stands proud as if representing the birth of a New Dawn..

The Age of Transhumanism.

“Three Twice” or “33”.


AssR 6



AssR 7

At the Entrance Hall or Atrium of the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma is an impressive Nonagram tiled onto the floor, similar to the Atrium of the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in  Manila.



AssR 8.jpg

The number nine in the figure also relates to the alchemistic thought behind the enneagram.  The number nine is a factor of 3 times 3, which here represent the 3×3 spiritual hierarchies that God descends through to reach us humans, and that we should raise through the same to God


The Royal Arch  Masons Living Arch Ceremony

The “three times three” ceremony is the three right feet forming a triangle, three left hands forming a triangle, and three right hands forming a triangle, thus forming the living arch encircling the Yod by the group of three.


Chapter of Royal Arch Mason


The Yod symbol, the 9-ray Sun,  the 72 names of God YHVH derived from Kabbalah, the Tetragrammaton


The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar


Grand encampment

The Grand Encampment Knights Templar  jewel showing the 9 Ray Sun



Senator Gordon Connection  in Masonry

The Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas auspices of Supremo Consejo del Grado 33 para Filipinas is a lodge formed by the Filipino masons’ descendants of Gran Oriente Espanol, practice AASR of Freemasonry. This Masonic group is one of the Masonic organizations existing in the Philippines.

Masonic Jurisdictions in the Philippines

  1. Grand Lodge of the Philippines (GLP) – Grand lodge came from the Grand Lodge of California consists of more than 400 subordinate lodges
  2. Perla del Oriente No.1034 Scottish Constitution under the Grand Lodge of Scotland.
  3. Mabuhay lodge No. 59 lodge chartered by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of Washington.
  4. Independent Grand Lodge of the Philippines located in Cavite, Philippines
  5. Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas auspices of Supremo Consejo del Grado 33 para Filipinas , the First Lodge in the Far East formed by the Filipino masons’ descendants of Gran Oriente Espanol.
  6. Soberana Gran Archipelago Filipino lodge patented by the Gran Oriente Espanol in 1924.

During the 1800s and early 1900s, there were other grand lodges existed in the Philippines like the Gran Oriente de Francia, Gran Oriente Lusitano.—1918.html

Senator Richard Gordon joined the Supremo Consejo del Grado 33 para Filipinas as the newest member on February 2016, so he perhaps has an access to the esoteric knowledge of the 33 degree Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


Philippine flag with the proposed 9th ray sun

Nine Ray Sun.jpg 2

Press Release

August 9, 2018


Senator Richard J. Gordon sponsored a bill that he authored which proposes to rectify the omission of the Muslims from the group of Filipinos given due recognition in the Philippine flag for their heroic struggle against the colonial invaders from the West.

Gordon sponsored Committee Report 393, from Proposed Senate Bill No. 102 entitled “An Act Increasing the Number of Rays of the Sun on the Philippine Flag from Eight to Nine, amending for this Purpose Republic Act No. 8491, otherwise known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines.”

“With their bravery, our Muslim heroes left an imprint on national history that, at the very least, must be given due recognition in the most heraldic item of national importance–the Philippine flag,” he said.

Gordon noted that the flag does not only represent the principles of sovereignty and solidarity of the Philippine nation but it also embodies the ideals and traditions of the Filipino people developed over the course of national history, which refers to the period before the arrival of the Spanish up to the present, centuries replete with stories of struggles for independence and victory against colonizers.

“It cannot be denied that the Muslims have been here and they precipitated the first defeat of the colonial invader from the West. It was established that no commanding presence by the Spanish colonial power were ever established in Mindanao. Yet, our Muslim heroes are forgotten. Muslim Mindanao is part and parcel of the Philippines and we should not remove them from our history. We must be inclusive, not exclusive…,” he added.

The senator also said that with the enactment into law of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, which aims to end decades of conflict in Mindanao by creating a political entity that would enjoy greater autonomy than the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the bill he authored would also further foster unity in the country.

“We seek to inculcate in the minds and hearts of our people a just pride in their native Muslim brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives for the country’s freedom… So that every day that it is raised, every day that every young person or a Filipino raises his hand to pledge allegiance to the flag, we are pledging to inclusion of our Muslim brothers and sisters and we are pledging towards a nation which values history,” he said.



Adding a ninth ray to the Philippine Flag is the highest etymological representation of the Supreme Being, the Grand Architect of the Universe, a transformation and evolution of the sun worship symbol to the new Philippine millennium.

About the Author

Gabriel C. Comia, Jr. is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines. A York Rite Mason under the Grand York Rite of the Philippines,  7th Grade SRICF, Pearl of the Orient College, and former KCCH, Manila Bodies, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.